Best 3 Person Tent Under 100 Reviews 2021

Are you planning on traveling this season? Then you will be needing the best quality tents to shelter during your stay. Tents are portable shelters that provide warmth, privacy, and protection from insects.

Are you looking for 3 person tents under 100? Then our article Best 3 person tent under $100 will be helpful for you. There are many tents available in the markets. So, it can be confusing which to choose and not.

To make your task easy, we have selected some of the best 3 person tents under 100. To know more about them, you can read further below:

Best 3 Person Tent Under $100- Review 2021

S.NProduct Name Product ImageCheck Price
1Sundome Tent by ColemanSundome Tent by Coleman
2Waterproof and Windproof Ultralight Backpack Tent by ForceattWaterproof and Windproof Ultralight Backpack Tent by Forceatt
3Instant Pop Up Camping Tents by BFULLInstant Pop Up Camping Tents by BFULL
4Professional Weatherproof Backpacking Tent by WeanasProfessional Weatherproof Backpacking Tent by Weanas
5Lightweight Waterproof Portable Backpacking Tent by Alpha CampLightweight Waterproof Portable Backpacking Tent by Alpha Camp
6Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent by WinterialCamping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent by Winterial
7Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tent by ClostnatureUltralight Waterproof Camping Tent by Clostnature
8 Trailhead Person Camping Pop Up by GigatentTrailhead Person Camping Pop Up by Gigatent
9CAMPROS Waterproof and Windproof Backpacking Tent by MKeepCAMPROS Waterproof and Windproof Backpacking Tent by MKeep
10Instant Backpacking Quick Tent by MobihomeInstant Backpacking Quick Tent by Mobihome

1) Sundome Tent by Coleman

Sundome Tent by Coleman


Coleman Presents you with Sundome Tent made from 2X polyester double-thick fabric and an 11 mm shock-corded fiberglass pole. It has a maximum height of 4.33 feet and a 49 sqm floor area weighing a total of 8 pounds.

This three-person tent has a dome design with a spacious interior and snag-free continuous pole sleeves. It consists of enhanced ventilation, a WeatherTec system, rainfly awning, and insta-clip pole attachment stand.

The tub floor has welded corners and inverted seams. And the tent has a large window and ground vents. It also includes storage pockets sewn in the walls of the tent to hold small instruments.

The 10’ x 10’ sundome tent measures a total of 6 ft high from the center. It also has E-port through which you can bring an extension cord and has a zipper guard for closures.

The poles, tent, and stakes each come in separate storage bags. And the instructions are sewn right into the carry bag. The tent also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious


  • Poor customer service
  • Fragile zippers
  • Too much mesh
  • Large ventilation window

Why Do We Recommend this product?

This tent by Coleman is currently one of the number one sellers in the Amazon market. It is a 7 ft x 7 ft tent suitable for 3 people or a queen airbed. And the 4 ft x ft in. height gives enough room to move around.

It is easy to set up and has enough rooms to comfortably fit 3 people and move around. The exclusive weather system keeps you and your tent dry in any weather condition.

Also, the Tub floor is durable and waterproof keeping moisture out. The materials used to build the tent is specially designed to repel water. It has a large window and ground vents that push warm air out and keep you cool.

The fiberglass poles are strong that can withstand stormy conditions and 35+ mph winds. The instruction is easy-to-follow taking about 10 min to set the tent. And the tent has several mesh pockets to store your essentials and reach them easily.

One of the best 3 person tents under $100 at an affordable price.

2) Waterproof and Windproof Ultralight Backpack Tent by Forceatt

Waterproof and Windproof Ultralight Backpack Tent by Forceatt


Forceatt presents you with a waterproof and windproof ultralight backpack tent. The poles are made from aluminum materials. And the tent is made from 70D polyester fiber coated with 200T waterproof material.

The internal dimension is about 88.4 x 72.7 x 47.2 inches (225 x 185 x 120 cm) with 48.5 in peak height. While the packaging measures about 16.5 x 7 x 7 inches weighing about 6.6 lbs.

It has a welded floor design made from 220 deniers Oxford cloth that lifts the floor of the backpack. The upper part has a large mesh window and two ceiling openings. It is made from micro-mesh fabric.

It has a large mesh door for providing proper ventilation and is heat resistant. It uses the no.8 SBS waterproof dual zipper for durability. And can fit up to 3 universal size sleeping pads.

The tent comes with a uniquely designed lock function that can be combined with an external account. The new 7001 series rod has 8.5 mm in diameter. It has a risk-free purchase.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Free replacement


  • Fragile bag
  • Fishy smell

Why Do We Recommend this product?

This 3 person tent from Forceatt is light and comfortable. It is easy to transport and has a huge space. It is made from high-quality waterproof and windproof material that prevents water from seeping out.

And the lifted floor design protects it from the wet floors. This ultra-light tent has large windows and ceiling openings that ensure high breathability and air circulation.

The micro-mesh fabric increases comfort and breathability while penetrating and removing the odors. It is easy to install and disassemble within 2 to 3 minutes time.

It has a lock function with an external account making the tent stable. And the zippers are smooth and sturdy that never gets stuck. This tent can withstand strong wind while providing comfort.

You also get a free replacement without returning the purchase. They will contact you within 24 hours after your inquiry.

3) Instant Pop Up Camping Tents by BFULL

Instant Pop Up Camping Tents by BFULL


Bfull presents you with instant pop up camping tents having a dome shape design. It has 5000 mm water resistance technology with 210T fire retardant polyester flysheet, double-layer construction, and fully taped seams.

They use the newest version Automatic Hydraulic System for an enhanced popup. The poles are made from fiberglass combined with wind stable construction and pre-attached to the tent.

It has Double-layer pop-up technology that allows users to detach the tent. The tent has 2 D-shape doors that can be completely opened or closed from either side.

The tent uses breathable polyester and non-sem mesh material for inner tents. The size of the tent is 83 L x 71 W with 41” interior height. And the interior dimension is 79 L x 67 W x 37 H weighing about 7.4 lbs.

This tent has one layer on the bottom and 4 separate windows for ventilation. It can be folded up to 30-inch diameter for transportation and has no chemical smell to it.


  • Fast to assemble and disassemble
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Great design


  • Not much suitable for heavy rain
  • Not much spacious
  • Low-quality plastic

Why Do We Recommend This product?

The tent features the newest revolutionary design that makes pitching effortless and faster to set up. The upgraded hydraulic system allows quick set up within a minute time. You can press it down to open and pull it up to fold.

It is durable and waterproof that ensures stability in any weather. The smooth and sturdy fabric keeps the groundsheet dry and bug-free. There is enough space for 3 people to fit in comfortably.

As the tent is detachable you can use the outer tent solely as shelter from the sun. Or combine it with the inner tent and make it wind and waterproof for camping.

The tent is light in weight making it easier to carry and transport. And the free replacement and full refund if there is any problem with the material or workmanship.

4) Professional Weatherproof Backpacking Tent by Weanas

Professional Weatherproof Backpacking Tent by Weanas


Weanas present you with a Professional weatherproof Backpacking tent. It has a round shape design. And the item dimension is 86 x 59 x 45.3 inch weighing about 5.2 pounds.

The tent is made from polyester fabric while the poles are made from 7.9 mm 7001 aluminum material. It has a spacious interior with about 86 x 62-inch floor and 43 inches in height from the center.

The rainfly made from 201T polyester fabric with Pu coating has a 4000 mm waterproof index. While the inner tent is made from 201T polyester and nylon breathable mesh.

The floor made from 150D anti-tear Oxford cloth has a 5000 mm waterproof index. It also has heat sealed seams that prevent water from leaking. The outer and inner layers of the tent can be used separately. It is suitable for multi-occasion.

The super classic interior design has 2 vestibules and doors on both sides. One side of the rain fly has a dual-zipper that also works as an awning. Due to the high-strength automatic setup, it is easy to install and relocate.

The package includes an inner tent, a flysheet, a carrying bag, 4 fixed ropes, 12 tent stakes, and 2 frame poles.


  • Great for traveling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water resistance
  • Light in weight
  • Weatherproof


  • Bottoms are thin

Why Do We Recommend this product?

The Weanas backpacking tent has a spacious interior that fits 3 people easily. It is compact, super light in weight, and easy to carry around. This tent can fit in backpacks or a motorcycle pannier.

Assembling this tent is quite easy and you can install it alone within 5 minutes. The classic interior design allows easy access to the tent. And the additional covered storage can be opened from both inside and outside.

You can double the dual-zipper vestibule in the rain fly and use it as awning as well. It is convenient and comfortable. Also, you can move and relocate the tent without disassembling it.

5) Lightweight Waterproof Portable Backpacking Tent by Alpha Camp

Lightweight Waterproof Portable Backpacking Tent by Alpha Camp


Alpha Camp presents you with a lightweight waterproof portable backpacking tent. It has a round shape design with a dimension of 8’ L x 7’ W x 50” H having a spacious room.

It uses high-grade fiberglass for poles which are wind resistant. And the mesh windows protect against bugs and insects. For ventilation, they have 3 zippered windows and a ground vent.

It also has side pockets and a large overhead mesh pocket. They offer a cable port for electrical cord access as well. The tent can be easily assembled within 5 minutes.

The packing dimension is 24.8” L x 7.09” W x 7.09” H weighing about 7.6 pounds. The roof has a screen allowing you to leave the top off. This tent is most suitable for the spring and summer seasons.


  • Easy to set
  • Light in weight
  • Well mentioned instructions
  • Great ventilation
  • Keeps out bugs
  • Warm, sturdy, and durable
  • Spacious


  • Fragile zipper
  • Poor quality stakes
  • Not waterproof

Why Do We Recommend this product?

This tent has sufficient room that fits 1 full air mattress. It is lightweight, air ventilating, and easy to set up. And the poles are strong and wind-resistant made from fiberglass.

The mesh windows are durable allowing you to enjoy the sceneries while protecting you against insects and bugs. The windows can be closed with a gentle pull of a zipper and covered with curtains.

It ventilates well while keeping the bugs out. An ideal tent for warm weather. It stands up against wind and water keeping the tent dry. Setting up the tent is very easy, you might not even have to read the instructions.

This is the best 3 person tent under 100 dollar found at a reasonable price. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee. It is easy to carry around and very comfortable as well.

6) Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent by Winterial

Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent by Winterial


Winterial presents you with a Camping and Backpacking 3 Season Tent. Shaped in a round design. The pack dimension is about 23.8 x 4.4 x 4.1 inches weighing about 4.4 lbs.

It features two aluminum tipped poles, solid zippered doors, a rain fly vented roof, 2 large ventilation screens, and 4 metal stakes. Constructed from nylon fabric it can withstand elements like wind and rain.

It has a pair of two-layer large doors making it easier for campers to enter and exit the tent. Each door features a zippered screen and rainfly that reaches the ground covering both doors.

The front door has a split fly which rolls up while the fly zips up the middle in the back. It has a small vestibule area allowing you to take off shoes or store wet gears.

The open dimension is 82” long, 64” wide, and 46” tall with plenty of room for three adults. This tent is ideal to use during spring, summer, and fall.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable, sturdy, and warm
  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Fragile zippers and poles
  • Windows are too low

Why Do We Recommend this product?

A great quality tent found at an affordable price. It is light in weight making it easier to carry around. Sturdy, durable, and warm. This tent is easy to set up and dissemble as well.

It is spacious, easily fitting 3 people in the tent while ensuring comfort. The rainfly is removable, keeping you dry and cozy during rain. And the large ventilation screen increases the airflow while keeping the bugs out.

Also, the large doors on each side make it easier for campers to enter and exit with ease. You don’t have to climb over fellow campers to reach another side. Setting up takes less time allowing you more time enjoying the outdoors.

The tent packs up nicely in a compact carry bag making it easy to bring along on backpacking trips. The bottoms are waterproof. They also have a footprint but are sold separately.

7) Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tent by Clostnature

Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tent by Clostnature


Clostnature presents you with an ultralight waterproof camping tent. This three person tent has a 7’3” x 6’3” x 3’11” interior size weighing about 6 lbs. While the pack size is 16.5” x 6.3” x 6.3”.

The tent uses 210T polyester rainfly and 150D Oxford PU 5000 coated groundsheet fabric. Made from weatherproof material with factory-sealed seams. While the carry bag is made from polyester.

Comes with freestanding and two 7001 series aluminum poles. This tent has an extraordinary design. The entire interior mesh walls made for great ventilation. It has 2 D-shaped doors and 2 vestibules on the side.

It also offers an enhanced double layer corner. And the smooth two-way SBS zippers are protected by velcro sleeves. The tent includes a carry bag, inner tent, flysheet, 2 aluminum poles, 4 ropes, 12 aluminum stakes, and pole repair emergency kit.

Every product has a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship defects. It comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Available in deep green color.


  • Better water resistance
  • Better breathability
  • Soft texture
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Poor design
  • Faulty instruction
  • Nylon floor

Why Do We Recommend this product?

An excellent quality tent found at a very reasonable price. It is light in weight, sturdy, and comfortable. The water resistance and breathability are better. And it has a soft texture to it.

You can use this tent in both hot and cold weather. It is waterproof and durable. The material keeps you dry, warm, and cool in every season and any weather condition.

The tent has sufficient space to fit 3 people with ease. You can easily set up the tent with any experience. It is compact, portable, and suitable for hiking, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, mountaineering, or car camping.

The large vestibule provides extra room and protection. While the two doors allow entering and exiting without crossing over your partner. You can relocate your tent without disassembling it.

The anti-inspect mesh creates fabulous airflow while keeping the bugs out. And one side is centered and open giving an optimal view. It packs up very well into a nice bags.

8) Trailhead Person Camping Pop Up by Gigatent

 Trailhead Person Camping Pop Up by Gigatent


Gigatent presents you with a Trailhead person camping pop up tent. It has a dome shape design to it. The product dimension is 24 x 5 x 5 inches weighing about 4 pounds.

The floor-length is 7’ x 7’ and the peak height is 51” from the center. The poles are made from shock-corded fiberglass for a strong foundation. They use UV-resistant polyester material and mosquito mesh to protect you from the sun and insects.

The tents have a door and a window for optimal ventilation. And includes a fly clip to secure the poles, double zipper storage pockets, pole clips to stabilize the tent. It also includes a ping and ring system to secure the pole.

This is a 3 season dome-shaped tent suitable for spring, summer, and fall. Users can effortlessly assemble the tent with the help of a few easy to read step by step instructions.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durable material
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price


  • Low water resistant
  • Tent poles don’t secure the tent properly
  • No metal hooks

Why Do We Recommend this product?

The trailhead camping tent is incredibly spacious with enough room to fit 3 to 4 people comfortably. Also, the tent has a huge height providing ample vertical space for children to walk.

It is made from quality materials that are strong enough to withstand light wind and rain. The poles are tough which keeps your tent standing and in the foundation.

The mesh protects you against the sun, insects, and other weather conditions. With optimal ventilation, it provides a cool breeze during warm seasons. Setting up the tent is easy with simple and a few steps instruction.

This tent is light in weight, durable, and strong. Found at a very reasonable price with quality materials. One of the best 3 person tents under 100 available in red and grey colors.

9) CAMPROS Waterproof and Windproof Backpacking Tent by MKeep

CAMPROS Waterproof and Windproof Backpacking Tent by MKeep


MKeep presents you with a CAMPROS waterproof and windproof backpacking tent. With a dome shape design, it uses the zipper for closure. The product dimension is 84 L x 84 W x 47 H inches weighing about 6.4 pounds.

The rainfly and inner tent are made from 185T polyester fabric. While the poles are made from 8.5 mm fiberglass. Coated with the high tech 1000 mm polyurethane hydrostatic for water resistance.

The tent comes with a 2-way zipper and well-made poles. The tent can be easily set up by 2 people in 2 min. The carry bag is 26 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches big as the sleeping bag.

For ventilation, the tent has 1 large mesh door, 1 mesh window, and a mesh tent top. It includes a rainfly, an inside storage bag, 8 fixed stakes, a carry bag, and 4 guylines. It also has no risk purchase with unconditional 1-year quality assurance.


  • Spacious
  • Durable and quality material
  • Easy to set up
  • Breathable and light in weight
  • 4 sides mesh material


  • Flex rod used with rain cover is difficult to install
  • Fragile poles

Why Do We Recommend this product?

This tent is spacious that fits a queen air mattress or 3 sleeping bags comfortably. It is easily suitable for 3 people. A great quality product found at a very reasonable price.

The materials used in this tent are durable and high in quality. It doesn’t tear easily and is water-resistant. The inner tent is dry even during a light rain shower. And the mesh window and door allows the flow of air in the tent while keeping the bugs out.

It is easy to set up without taking much of your time. And you can easily carry it around due to its lightweight. An ideal tent for outdoor camping, hiking, and fishing for any weather.

The tent has several mesh pockets to store your belongings like mobile, wallet keys, etc. You can also hang light and a small fan on the top of the tent. It comes with 1-year quality assurance and great customer service.

10) Instant Backpacking Quick Tent by Mobihome

Instant Backpacking Quick Tent by Mobihome


Mobihome presents you with an instant backpacking quick tent which is in the shape of a dome. The package dimension is 40.16” x 6.69” x 6.69” weighing about 6.8 lbs.

They use the special hub system design for a single operation. Made from 190T polyester fabric that is 100% water-resistance. It has a watertight PE tent floor and a big micro-mesh roof, and door.

Fully taped rainfly and sealed seams made from high-class fabrics. The tent uses a 2-way zipper that gives dual system comfort. It has 2 doors for easy entrance and exit.

The floor width is 6.23 feet while the floor-length is 6.89 feet with a maximum height of 43 inches. The tent includes a rainfly, storage pocket, 8 steel pegs, 4 guy rope, and a carrying bag.

The instant quick up system makes setting up the tent easy. Roll out, lock the poles, pull the drawstring, and quick up the tent.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable and long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Poor zipper
  • A bit small in size

Why Do We Recommend this product?

This instant portable tent is the best 3 person tent under $100 found at a very reasonable price. It is very sturdy, thick, and durable. The big roof and door provide better airflow and ventilation.

The tent is light in weight making it compact and portable. It has a water-resistant door and window seal keeping the tent dry. The mesh is breathable material making the stay comfortable.

You can set up the tent in seconds with easy steps. This tent is suitable for three seasons. An ideal tent for hiking and camping.

Best 3 Person Tent Under $100 – Buying Guide

While purchasing a tent there are few things that you need to consider. Such as size, capacity, length, height, etc. Our buying guide helps you know more about them in brief.


Before purchasing a tent know how many people can fit inside the tent. Most tents usually have space for a 20-inch wide sleeping pad per person. If you like more clearance and extra space, then sizing up is a great choice. Choose the model according to your group size.

Headroom, Legroom, and Armroom

The area of the tent varies according to the model. Some tents might be a two-person tent but can barely fit two sleeping mats. However, some can even fit 3 people in a two-person tent. Each tent has a different length and width, so you can lay down to feel it. Longer and wider models are more comfortable than the standard ones.


Tents are available according to the seasons as well. There are three-season and four-season tents.

3 season tents are light in weight and designed to withstand temperature in spring, summer, and fall. They have ample mesh panels to boost airflow and keep the bugs out. It can easily handle rain or light snow but not a great choice for harsh storms and heavy snow.

4 season tents are more sturdy and warm than the 3 season tents. They have more poles, fewer mesh panels, and heavy fabric. They have a dome design to eliminate the collection of snow on the top. It can withstand harsh storms, violent winds, and heavy snow.

Peak height

You should consider the peak height of the tent as well. Whether you can change clothes standing or not and enjoy the Airiness of a high ceiling. Cabin style tent has near-vertical walls that maximize the overall peak height. While dome-style tent stands tall in the center and has a sloping wall reducing the livable space.

Tent Door

While purchasing a tent think about the number of doors you will be needing. Also, consider about their shape and orientation. If you are camping with a large no. of people, then choose a tent having multiple doors. As it helps avoid climbing over your fellow camper.


Rainfly is a separate waterproof cover that fits over the tent. They retain extra warmth and protect the tent from rain and dew. Roof-only rainfly fairly protects the tent from rain but provides more light and views. While a Full-coverage rainfly gives proper protection from wind and rain.


Tents often use mesh panels for ceiling, doors, and windows. They are breathable material to keep the flows of air in and bugs out. Larger mesh panels are great for hot and humid climates.

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Our Best Pick for 3 Person Tent Under $100

By far, the sundome tent by Coleman is our best pick. It is light in weight making it easier to carry around. The great quality rainfly keeps you dry and cozy during heavy rain.

The tent has super-breathable fabric and a ground vent letting the air come inside. It is easy to set up and takes about 5 minutes. It is incredibly spacious and tall.

The materials are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. They come in neatly packed bags with various accessories. And has large screen panels on the ceiling giving out great views.

Overall, this is the best 3 person tent under 100 found at a reasonable price. And made from good quality materials.

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