Best Backpacking 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Under $100

Freezing night, incessant snowfall, and shivering uncontrollably make it too cold to sleep.

If you’ve ever been in such a situation, desperately waiting for the sun to rise; then you would have the utterly understood the importance of a 0-degree sleeping bag.

And I am sure, the proper sleeping bag is at the top of your gear list.

Exhausted and drained out of all energy from a long day hike, definitely, sound sleep is what you need to reinvigorate your body.

In spite of the inclement weather, nothing’s more satisfying than laying your body in a warm and comfortable sleeping bag and getting a homely sleep.

The best 0-degree sleeping bag is absolute for warmth, comfort, safety, and helping your body get the rest it needs during your journey.

But choosing the perfect sleeping bag within your budget is challenging.

Guess what makes your backpack bulky? Surely, it is the sleeping bag.

So, always pick a lightweight and comfortable zero degrees sleeping bag for an outstanding and successful adventure.

Top 7 Best Backpacking 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Under $100 Reviews

Among all 15 best 0-degree sleeping bags, let me give you a detailed review of the top 7 sleeping bags.

1. Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is taken as a great hunting rectangle bag that weighs around 8.75 lbs. It has a measurement of 19.5 x 13.6 x 13.5 inches. It is a heavy-duty oversized bag that uses 2-layer offset construction to eliminate cold spots.

This sleeping bag is filled with Techloft Insulation which consists of multi-hole and staple-length micro-denier fibers. The bag is better used for cold nights which restrict movement like in mummy sleeping bag. The special facility of the insulated chest, zipper helps to keep warmer than other bags.

The Mckinley sleeping bag has a feature of 210T nylon diamond ripstop and comfortable microfiber liner. The liner makes people stretch out according to your comfort zone.

It is also easier to carry the McKinley bag because of its compression stuff sack. The easy procedure of roll-u straps has made it easier to use as well.


  • High-quality Techloft Insulation
  • Insulated chest and zipper
  • Compression stuff sack
  • 2-layer construction and microfiber liner


2. Guide Gear Cold Weather Double Sleeping Bag 0 Degree

Guide Gear Cold Weather Double Sleeping Bag 0 Degree

The Guide Gear Cold Weather Double Sleeping Bag 0 Degree is very comfortable and big enough for 2 people. You can easily spread out your body and have a feeling of an extra room using this sleeping bag.

It provides a great degree of comfort as it is constructed of heavy-duty cotton canvas. The bag is really soft since it uses cotton brushed flannel lining.

The use of polyester fiberfill will make you feel warm even at 0-degree temperature. The feature of a draft collar and tube stops cold air coming into a bag from anyway. The hood used in this bag also keeps always warm air in.

There is an anti-snag zipper from the end to the bottom edge of the bag which prevents cold air from coming in and keeps you warm. This 0-degree sleeping bag has a measurement of 50″ x 90″l., 16″ x 30″ and 18 lbs.


  • Excellent comfort rating
  • Use of Outer Material Canvas and lining material
  • Very comfortable for two people
  • 100% use of soft cotton canvas


3. TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

The TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is one of the best night’s bags for outdoor enjoyment. The bag keeps you warm from all sides with its special double-wide features.

The sleeping bag has a feature of zipper draft tubes and drawstrings at the shoulder and around the head which makes it very easy and comfortable to use. The dual-layer construction feature and Supersoft Elite 4 channel hollow fiber insulation also make sure that you will feel warm and comfortable.

This sleeping bag weighs around 16.5 pounds and has a measurement of 3.94 x 62.01 x 94.09 inches.

You can take a cold air inside if you feel too warm inside the bag by unzipping it little from a corner or downside. There is a facility of zipping the multiple mammoth bags altogether to make it bigger. In fact, the bag comes apart with two massive quilts that are made available for ventilation. The compression sack is made free with the Mammoth sleeping bag.


  • Wide and long
  • Use of SuperLoft Elite fiber fill and Canvas Shell
  • Zipper and Shoulder draft tubes are available to keep cold air out
  • Use of high-quality materials to prevent cold air


4. Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Those who are looking to have comfortable sleep can use Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag. Big room style design and 6 feet 6-inch long feature makes its extra special. There is also a special feature available of a draft tube that blocks heat loss through a zipper.

The extra warm feeling is made sure with the addition of fleece foot at the bottom. For the elimination of cold spots, a quilting construction feature is added. A full-length draft tube called ThermlockTM is also there as a special feature to make sure heat is not lost.

Unzipping the bottom area of sleeping bags plays the role of extra ventilation when anyone has a feeling of too much warmth inside the bag. For quick and easy storing facilities, the stuff sack is also available. This sleeping is weighed around 8 pounds.


  • Special roomy design and tall height of around 6 feet 6 inches
  • Very comfortable to move legs with its wide bottom area like room
  • Full Polyester cover around bag
  • Semi-sculpted hood prevents heat loss


5. LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

The LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is one of the best-designed sleeping bags to use. Multiple layers of microfiber Polarlite insulation filled around the sleeping bag helps you to keep warm. The use of Polarlite insulation helps to shape your body lines.

To make sure that people feel warm from all areas, body mapping technology and built-out foot box are added as its special feature. An additional feature of 3 piece hood contours people’s face from reaching a low level of temperature at the face side.

Full-length zipper draft tube from top to bottom end of the sleeping bag prevents cold air from entering the bag and escaping warm air out of the bag. The use of well-constructed LEEF which is made from sturdy 40D/240T 0.3 cm ripstop prevents water and tearing problems.

Likewise, the use of brushed polyester lining gives you a feeling of soft bed sheets inside the bag. Anti-snag zippers are also made available in the sleeping bag which makes it easy from both sides of the bag. To keep your wallet and keys, a secure interior zip pocket is designed in a sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag weighs around 4.2 pounds and has a measurement of 3 x 34 x 87 inches.


  • Body-mapping technology makes you ultra-warm
  • 3-piece hood keeps your whole head and face area warm
  • Water resistant
  • Use of microfiber insulation makes it lot and more compress


6. Adult Sleeping Bag By TNH Outdoors – 3 – 4 Season Zero 0 Degree

Adult Sleeping Bag By TNH Outdoors - 3 - 4 Season Zero 0 Degree

The Adult Sleeping Bag By TNH Outdoors-3-4 Season Zero 0 Degree is made as the best custom-designed sleeping bag by TNH. You can have a thicker bag than other bags by using a TNH sleeping bag.

If you have a problem of feeling extra cold at night, this bag assures you that cold doesn’t not even near to your side. It can be easily used and port with its compression sack. In fact, it has very cleverly designed zippers that prevent from cold air entering the bag.

There is also a waterproof outer shell that will not allow water to come inside the bag. If you want to travel and have fun with your family, this bag will surely give you full satisfaction.

Another thing before purchasing this bag is its high-quality materials. If you are looking for better and high quality, TNH Outdoors Sleeping bag is the one you are looking for.

This sleeping bag weighs around 3.6 pounds and has a measurement of 4.7×31.5×87.8 inches.


  • High-quality design
  • Use of unbreakable heavy duty zipper
  • Compact compression and storage


7. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag gives you comfortable sleep even in cold 0-degree temperature outside. With its polyester ripstop cover, it makes sure that cold air doesn’t come near inside the bag.

You feel all warm from top to bottom of the bag. Likewise, you don’t need to worry about your face and head as there is a drawstring-adjustable hood that gives you warm around the head area.

To eliminate any potential cold spots in a bag, a special quilting construction feature is added. In the same way, a full-length draft tube prevents you from losing warm air through a zipper. You don’t have to worry about your feet as well as the box-shaped foot feature inside the bag makes you feel all warm the whole night.

This sleeping bag is long enough to move. It has a tall height of around 6 feet 2 inches. The average weight of the bag is 0.09 pounds and has a measurement of 12×12.35×17.1 inches.


  • Has polyester ripstop cover and polyester lining
  • Special design with height of 6 feet 2 inches
  • Has box-shaped foot for feet warm
  • Has quilting construction to eliminate any potential cold spots
  • Thermlock full-length draft tube is there to prevent heat loss
  • Stuff sack is there to make easy and quick storage


Why do You Need 0 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

The 0-degree sleeping bags are very useful if you are thinking to spend your time in a cold temperature area. You don’t have to worry about the cold weather if you have 0-degree sleeping bags. The bag will always keep you warm even in 0-degree temperature.

These bags have other special features as well which can be advantageous for users. Full-length zippers are provided in bags from top to bottom area to prevent any cold spots. Similarly, high-quality materials are used to prevent them from any damage both inside and outside the bags. Soft polyester covers are also used to make the bags soft inside it.

If you are looking for really comfortable which has full specific features that prevent heat loss and give you warm air like in your room, the 0-degree sleeping bag is undoubtedly the best option for you.

Things to Consider When Buying

For selecting the best 0-degree sleeping bags, you should consider various things. Since each person has a different body and sleeping comfort, they select the sleeping bags according to their comfort level.

1. Feature of extra Insulation in upper body and foot

You must feel warm in your upper body and foot side as well. For this, you should check whether there is extra insulation feature available in the sleeping bag.

2. Zipper compatibility:

The zippers must be compatible and easy to use. You must not have any problem while zipping the sleeping bag. If zippers break or stuck in the middle of the bag, you can have a serious problem in cold 0-degree temperature.

3. Draft tube:

You should check either there is a draft tube or not in the sleeping bag. Since it keeps warm and prevents warm air going out from the bag. It’s very necessary to have a draft tube.

4. Quality of material

The quality of the material must be high. You can get into serious trouble if sleeping bags tear. The material which is easy to make holes inside or outside the bag is not considered as good. So you should check the quality of the material.

5. Construction Techniques

You should always check the construction techniques of sleeping bags. Make sure that insulation is balanced between an outer shell and inner lining when you buy that sleeping bags.

6. Sleeping bags length

If you are tall and your legs are long, you can have a problem sleeping in small sleeping bags. So checking the length before purchasing the sleeping bags will surely be plus point for a user. Buying the sleeping bags according to the length of a user will be the best.

7. Stash pocket

If you have a stash and pillow pocket inside the sleeping bag, it can be a good point for you. You can put your phone, watch, glasses, iPod and other necessary items inside the pocket.

8. Double wide

When you are two and sleeping bag offers you a single bag feature, it’s certainly right sleeping bag you are looking for. You should check if it has double-wide bags feature if two people are going to sleep inside the bag.

9. Stuff sack

You will get comfortable if stuff sack is made available along with the sleeping bag. Sometimes you have to pay an extra amount for a stuff sack. You can easily transport your sleeping bag with stuff sack. So making sure that stuff sack is provided by the sellers makes your journey easier.

10. Water-resistant down

You should use the sleeping bag which will dry out faster after it becomes wet. However, if heavy rain occurs even after you treat down your sleeping bag there is a high chance of getting. You should always remember that water-resistant doesn’t prevent all from the water. You must prefer bags that gives assurance that the water will dry out faster.

Expert’s Pick

Out of many 0-degree sleeping bags, Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping bag has to be my personal favorite. This bag is made with the best quality of Techloft and insulation, so it gives you warm air that you need inside the sleeping bag. The 2-layer construction also helps to increase warm and added a feature of the MicroFiber line make it more durable than other bags.

Likewise, the inclusion of extra features like an insulated chest and 10 zippers makes it easier to use. The weight of the bag is also not too heavy, it’s really easy to carry and travel to different places. Overall this sleeping bag is best and keeps warm all night in cold 0-degree temperature.


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