Best Cheap Keyboard Piano Under 100


As we all know, the piano has been a huge contribution to both classical and modern music. It was first created in the early 1700s. It originated from a harpsichord and has changed in size and shape several times since then.

The first piano invented was so expensive that the average rich families could not afford it. You could only really find these expensive instruments in homes of aristocrats and royalty for nearly a century before it became more accessible to the rest of the public.

Fact: One of Cristofori’s original pianos is still in existence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City!

Now we have grand pianos, digital pianos, and synthesizers.

The world’s most expensive piano has a beautiful transparent design and is thus termed as the Crystal Piano. It was designed by Heintzman Pianos, a Canadian manufacturer, and was presented to the audience by a Chinese pianist Lang Lang at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This piano was then sold for $3.22 million at an auction.

Don’t let that distract you from the fact that you can buy an electric piano, aka keyboard, well under $100! No kidding!

Don’t believe us. Check it out for yourself. But before that, here’s what to expect from the Best Cheap Keyboard Piano under $100.

What to expect from the best cheap keyboard piano under 100 dollars?

The very best Keyboard pianos under $100 also come with loads of instrument voices. Some of them are equipped with dual (layer) mode which makes it possible for you to explore different instrument combinations. Fun for both adults and kids alike.

Keyboards under $100 are made for beginners. Therefore, they are usually equipped with some user guides, educational materials, free-learning apps, manual DVDs, and more. They are especially useful for new learners to take their first step towards understanding the notes, tempo, rhythm, and various other technical aspects of the music.

Some of these keyboards are designed for toddlers and kids. They have special setups with blunt edges and bright colors to prevent any injuries and appear visually appealing. Also, many of these keyboards equip fun features to help develop that passion for music to kids. These are usually not fit for adults or someone with higher experience.

These best cheap keyboard piano under $100 are compact, light, and portable. Also, most of them need batteries to operate. This makes them perfect for outdoor trips, camping, and practicing for a beginner, anytime, or anywhere.

Best Cheap Keyboard Piano Under 100 dollars – Top Review For 2020

Product NameDimensionWeightNumber of keysProduct ImageCheck Price
Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard32.64 x 12.84 x 3.23 inches 8.68 pounds 54Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard
Goplus Classical Piano19.5 x 19.5 x 19.5 inches 21 pounds 30Goplus Classical Piano
RockJam 54-key Keyboard 33.5 x 13 x 4.7 inches 8.27 pounds54RockJam 54-key Keyboard
Casio SA-7625.25 x 9 x 3 inches 4.34 pounds 44Casio SA-76
Hricane Roll Up Piano Keyboard
12.8 x 8.78 x 3.98 inches 3.93 pounds 88Hricane Roll Up Piano Keyboard

1. Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard

Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard



Dimension: 32.64 x 12.84 x 3.23 inches

Weight: 8.68 pounds

Number of keys: 54


  • 1 Headphone
  • 1 Stand
  • 1 Microphone
  • 40 preset songs
  • 3-months of skoove premium online lessons

Feature Highlights

  • Recording function
  • Layer and split modes
  • 40 preset songs
  • Comes with a headphone, a stand, a bench, a microphone
  • 300 instrument tones & 300 built-in rhythms
  • 3 months of online Lessons for free

Product Description

With a premium sound pallet at your disposal – including different pianos, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and even sound effects – the days of working with limited, boring sound banks are long gone! And it comes for under $100.

Learning to play the keys just got a whole lot easier! The Alesis Melody 54 keyboard combines 54 piano-style keys, built-in speakers, 300 built-in sounds with layering and split modes, 300 built-in rhythms for playing along, and 40 demo songs.

The headphone input in the keyboard automatically mutes the speakers for private practice. Music rest makes space for holding sheet music or a tablet, a power adapter that powers the device, and even a microphone for singing along while you play. And all of it is included in the bundle.

Buy this best cheap keyboard piano under 100 Dollars and learn to play keys today. The 54 responsive piano-style keys with built-in speakers is perfect for practicing and performing to your friends and family.

Get creative, create your own songs with 300 built-in accompaniment rhythms; layer multiple sounds together in “layer” Mode, or split two sounds across the keyboard in “split” mode. Learn the 40 included songs or record your own.

For a beginner, the package also includes 3-months of skoove premium online lessons.

Buying this keyboard would be a no-brainer for anyone looking for a keyboard under 100 bucks!


  • A fair amount of stuff for a modest price
  • Great starter keyboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with the complete accessories


  • Some buyers complained about the sound quality
  • No output for sustain pedals
  • Keys are plastic-made

2. Goplus Classical Piano -Best Piano Under $100 for Toddlers

Goplus Classical Piano



Dimension: 19.5 x 19.5 x 19.5 inches

Weight: 21 pounds

Number of keys: 30


  • 1 Hardwood bench
  • 1 Stand

Feature Highlights

  • Attractive pink appearance
  • 30 piano-style keys
  • A bench and a music rest included
  • Safe design for young kids

Product Description

“Decent Quality. Great Price. Works Well.”

This is one of the reviews from the purchasers in Amazon and it describes the keyboard perfectly well.

Another best cheap keyboard piano under 100 dollars is the Goplus Classical Piano.

This is a beautiful brand new 30 keys wood children’s grand piano which is great both for toddlers and children. You can nurture your child’s interest in music with this “baby grand” style piano.

If you’re looking for a gift for your daughter for her 2nd birthday, and you get this for her, she will be thankful for life.

As an educational musical instrument, this keyboard piano is a perfect gift for kids at an early age. This keyboard is especially suited for preschool, which develops babies’ hand-eye coordination, music theory cognition, hearing, memory, and EQ.

It’s an ideal instrument to use for developing children’s musical talent at an early age. The piano plays a clear and smooth sound, inspiring children’s interest in music.

The quality items that make up the piano ensures its durability and 100% safe non-toxic to ensure the health of children.

Firm construction with a smooth surface, curve-shaped corner, and the safety-hinged lid opens and closes. This prevents the kids from hurting themselves. Also, environment-friendly paint coated, non-toxic and tasteless means the product is completely harmless to children.

The super cost-effective Combination package comes with a matching hardwood bench and music holder, really convenient for children to play and learn.


  • The ideal instrument to use for developing hand-eye coordination
  • Durable and 100% safe
  • The clear and smooth sound
  • Well-designed Keys


  • Heavy construction
  • Not for children above 6

3. RockJam 54-key Keyboard

RockJam 54-key Keyboard Best Cheapest Keyboard Pianos Under 100



Dimension: 33.5 x 13 x 4.7 inches

Weight: 8.27 pounds

Number of keys: 54


  • sheet music stand
  • power supply
  • user guide
  • Simply piano application for both iOS and Android devices

Feature Highlights

  • 54 full size keys
  • Interactive teaching modes
  • Free access to the Simply Piano
  • Compact and portable design
  • 2 built-in stereo speakers
  • Keynote stickers included

Product Description

Ideal For The Aspiring Musician!

The RockJam 54 key keyboard piano is perfect for aspiring pianists of all age groups. This compact, portable, high-quality keyboard piano has built-in stereo speakers.

So what makes this piano one of the best cheap keyboard piano under $100?

Well, it features a large, easy to read LCD screen that gives you a visual guide when using the integrated teaching tool. Also, the keyboard includes 100 tones and rhythms and a record and playback function that supports up to 41 notes.

The interactive teaching modes provide a fun way for both beginners and elite pianists to hone their skills. Musicians can jam along with one of eight included demo songs. The LCD indicates which keys and chords should be played to ensure you learn right.

Maximize your creativity with this marvel of keyboards. Change the sound of your music with 100 different piano sound effects and a selection of 100 rhythms. You can find the perfect beat to accompany your songs or create your own with eight percussion sound effect options.

As a RockJam customer, you receive exclusive free access to the Simply Piano application. This gamification experience narrows the learning curve and means you learn in a quick and fun way. Also, the application is compatible with both android and IOS to assist any beginner in learning how to read music.

The keyboard’s compact size, built-in stereo speakers, and battery power option make the RockJam the ideal portable piano.

Due to all these specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best cheap keyboard piano under 100 dollars.


  • In-built Stereo Speakers
  • Removable key note stickers
  • Free access to the Simply Piano application
  • Well-lit, easy-to-read LCD screen


  • Flimsy music rest
  • The sound quality is mediocre

4. Casio SA-76

Casio SA-76 Best Cheapest Keyboard Pianos Under 100



Dimension: 25.25 x 9 x 3 inches

Weight: 4.34 pounds

Number of keys: 44


  • Removable Stickers
  • Instructional Book
  • Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD
  • power supply
  • user guide
  • 6 AA-size batteries

Feature Highlights

  • 100 tones, 50 rhythms
  • Piano/organ setting button
  • 10 practice tunes
  • LC display
  • 5 percussion pads for playing with others
  • 44 mini-sized keys

Product Description

Just the perfect keyboard for early learners!

Further, in our list of the best cheap keyboard piano under 100 Dollars, we present you Casio SA-76. Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with the necessary accessories to add absolute value to your purchase. Your bundle comes with everything you need to start playing from the get-go.

You can not just save yourself the hassle but also a lot of money with this 44 key Casio SA-76. A power supply is included so you can plug in and play right away.

An instructional book is included in the box. This aids you in understanding the notes, tunes, and guides so you can practice better. The addition of an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD is well thought. This gives you a lot of how’s on learning about your new instrument. An Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is included so you can keep your new instrument in mint condition after every use.

The 44 key Casio SA-76 offers children with the basics of their first-ever tune. The keyboard contains inbuilt 100 tones, 50 rhythms, and 10 integrated songs. They not just provide the variety but also ensure your child’s creative development.

One of the key factors that rank this product as the best cheap keyboard piano under $100 is the use of an LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony. This provides superior sound quality compared to other products of a similar price range.

The LC display helps with selecting different music options with no hassle. The SA-76 also includes a striking change-over switch making it easy to switch between piano and organ modes.


  • The perfect keyboard for early learners
  • lightweight and very portable
  • LSI sound source provides an authentic sound
  • LC display


  • No power adapter included

5. Hricane Roll Up Piano Keyboard

Hricane Roll Up Piano Keyboard Best Cheapest Keyboard Pianos Under 100



Dimension: 12.8 x 8.78 x 3.98 inches

Weight: 3.93 pounds

Number of keys: 88


  • 1 Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Instructional Book
  • power supply

Feature Highlights

  • Portable Keyboard
  • 88 standard keyboard
  • 128 tones, 100 rhythms, 80 demos
  • LC display
  • The newest MIDI chips technology
  • Waterproof silicon material build

Product Description

The product with perfect 5 Stars!

Who would have thought a keyboard can be rolled up with a built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery?

Last, but not least we have Hurricane Roll Up Piano Keyboard in our list of best cheap keyboard piano under 100 Dollars. This keyboard is unique and looks like it has come straight out of fantasy. Along with being easy to carry, it also offers 4-6 hours playing time.

The 88 standard keyboard is suitable for beginners of kids and adults as well. This lets you practice anytime and anywhere. Just unroll it, turn it on and you’re all set. It’s the best gift for birthdays, Christmas, and every other occasion!

Hricane digital piano has 128 excellent tones, 100 rhythms, 80 demos, sustain function, and dual speakers. This adds beginners in their learning experience by providing them variations to practice with. And the newest MIDI chips technology makes sure the sound is of extremely good quality.

The environmentally friendly silicone material used in the construction is waterproof, and the thickened keys rebound quickly without a continuous tone. Comfortable touch feels like a real piano keyboard.

The piano keyboard can connect Bluetooth to make accompaniment, connect the phone to play songs for auxiliary exercises. And it supports both iPhone and Android systems.

This keyboard can connect to a Microphone, you can sing while playing. You can also connect to computers, tablets, and mobile phones to play accompaniment music.

After long-term tuning by the tuner, the sound level is clearer without noise. The treble is round, the midrange is steady, and the bass is strong.

Hricane rolls up piano has 128 tones and 100 rhythms, including violin, saxophone, organ, harmonica, etc. This complete package is undoubtedly one of the best cheap keyboard piano under $100.


  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Loud and amazing sound with adjustable volume
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • Suitable for beginners of kids and adults to practice anytime and anywhere


  • Non-weighted keys

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Cheap Keyboard Piano Under $100

Well, you’re done with reviewing the best cheap keyboard piano under $100 available in the market. The choice of keyboard naturally depends upon your own preferences. However, we have a few things to mention before you make the choice you’re going for. Look for these factors in choosing the cheapest keyboard pianos available on the market.

1. Number of Keys

The number of keys in a piano allows versatility. The number of keys determines the number of sound effects you can produce. Usually, the cheaper keyboards come with less number of keys than regular pianos. However, for a beginner or children, these best cheap keyboard piano under $100 can be the cornerstone in their music learning. As they get better, this alone wouldn’t be enough and one needs to go for the pianos/keyboards with higher numbers of keys.

2. Build Quality

As aforementioned, the keyboard pianos under 100 dollars are ideal for toddlers and children below 10. They are prone to accidents and rough handling. This means you need to purchase a gear that is tough, able to handle minor tackles, and work for more than a few months.

A keyboard with good build quality should stand minor rough handling and easily work for a couple of years. Check for reviews and responses from the verified buyers along with build materials before making a purchase.

3. Key width

One of the major factors to look for while purchasing a keyboard is checking the size of the key width. This is actually very important since key width determines the proper positioning of your fingers, which would lead to the correct fingering technique, and of course, the development of your piano skills.

This is often overlooked. Unfortunately, the keyboards under $100 tend to reduce the size of the key to match the fingers of young and to fit the whole set up to make the overall device compact.

With that being said, there are a few of the best cheap keyboard piano under $100 which offer standard keys setup. Thorough research will help you determine the one that fits your needs.

4. Connectivity Option

A good keyboard piano always comes with a load of connectivity options.

Why does it matter?

Well, it makes learning to play the keys a whole lot easier! Music rest makes space for holding sheet music or a tablet, a power adapter that powers the device, and a microphone for singing along while you play. This not just makes playing more exciting for the kids, but also helps them learn vocals, record their creations, and connect other musical instruments that greatly increases versatility.

5. Polyphony

Polyphony is the ability of an electronic keyboard or synthesizer to play a number of notes simultaneously. Polyphony focuses on the sound elicited by the keys which would allow beginners to play and perform advanced-level pieces.

Look for the one with multiple polyphonies, the higher the number, the better the range.

Also, polyphony provides you with plenty of margins and minimizes the chance that notes will be dropped when the tones are layered. This serves as a guide in case you use the instrument tones and the auto-accompaniment.

5. Built-in speakers

Even though many of the best cheap keyboard piano under $100 come with an audio jack for external speakers or mono speakers, there are some with decent ones. Look for the resonance, the quality of the sounds and the volume adjustability before making a purchase. A keyboard with a bad speaker won’t develop the proper ear for music. This would hinder your learning ability.

If you decide to purchase a keyboard that’s not on our recommended list, you have to be careful and ensure your chosen keyboard has built-in speakers.

Luckily, all the models we recommend have excellent speakers and the Rockjam RJ761 even has a 4-way speaker which produces louder and more pronounced sounds.

So if this feature is of utmost importance to you, then the Rockjam RJ761 would be the right keyboard for you!


Various research and studies say that pianists have efficiently working brains better than others. Also, it is revealed that children learning piano do better at their schools. This is in relation to their attribute of learning the language of music, the discipline of practices, better hand-eye coordination, and creativity and enhanced socializing skills.

Considering all of that, it is definitely a good idea to give your children a keyboard as a gift. Luckily, unlike in the past, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase one. Our list of best cheap keyboard piano under $100 is tested through various standards and is ideal for your young ones.

Should you go for other keyboards, please check the buyer’s guide for reference on things to consider before purchase.

Grazie Mille!