Best Crossbow Under $500

Are you searching for the best crossbow under $500 as the hunting season is right around the corner? Crossbow has advanced more in the last 20 years with no signs of slowing down.

Hunting and archery are gaining popularity, so a few of the modern crossbows are getting expensive. Thus, we have listed out good quality bows found at a budgeted price.

Crossbows mentioned in this article are considered some of the best crossbows under $500 in the markets. They are suitable for both entry-level and experienced hunters.

To know more about the crossbows, read further below:

Best Crossbow under $500 – Top 10 Reviews

S.NProduct NameProduct ImageCheck Price
1Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow by BARNETTWhitetail Hunter STR Crossbow by BARNETT
2 Burner 415 crossbow by Killer Instinct
Burner 415 crossbow by Killer Instinct
3 Tyro 4x Recurve Crossbow by CenterPointTyro 4x Recurve Crossbow by CenterPoint
4Hybrid Crossbow by XtremepowerUSHybrid Crossbow by XtremepowerUS
5Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow by K ExclusiveAvalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow by K Exclusive
6Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow by BearXIntense Ready to Shoot Crossbow by BearX
7Lethal 405 FPS Crossbow by Killer Instinct
Lethal 405 FPS Crossbow by Killer Instinct
8 Explorer XP Crossbow by BarnettExplorer XP Crossbow by Barnett
9Cobra System tactical Crossbow by Ace Martial Arts SupplyCobra System tactical Crossbow by Ace Martial Arts Supply
10Hell Hawk self Cocking Assault Crossbow by M48Hell Hawk self Cocking Assault Crossbow by M48

1) Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow by BARNETT

Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow by BARNETT

Hell Hawk self Cocking Assault Crossbow by M48

Barnett presents you with a Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow. This crossbow has a 375 per second speed with an axle to axle width of 18.125 inches. It has a total dimension of 34.875 x 20.125 inches, weighing about 6.6 pounds.

The crossbow is made from a fiberglass composite, having a step-thru riser with a single bolt assembly system. The trigger uses a frictionless release technology having knock sensors and anti-dry fire tech. It doesn’t have any artificial flavors.

This crossbow is compatible with the Barnett 17455 crank cocking device having 118.6 kinetic energy. This ready to hunt package includes a 4 x 32 mm multi-reticle scope, two 22 inches headhunter arrows, a lightweight quiver, a rope cocking device, and lube wax.


  • Comes assembled
  • Reasonable price
  • Great performance
  • Smooth, robust, and accurate
  • Easy to put together
  • Quick shipment


  • Fragile string
  • Short rope

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Barnett’s STR crossbow is the newer model having step through stirrup on the shoot through the riser platform. This mossy oak bottomland crossbow comes with complete hunting accessories.

It is lightweight and has excellent speed and power. This crossbow is available at a very reasonable price. The new trigger tech is more lightweight and offers smoothness. It creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger. It

The recoil is similar to a low-powered rifle. It gives a smooth and powerful accuracy. It is easy to set up, and most of its part comes assembled. The shipment is fast as well.

2) Burner 415 crossbow by Killer Instinct

 Burner 415 crossbow by Killer Instinct


Killer Instinct presents you with a Burner crossbow having a wicked speed of 415 feet per second. It has an adjustable X-Lok and custom fit six-position AR-style buttstock.

The crossbow is made from a micro-lite aluminum barrel having a 3.5-pound killer tech trigger. The crossbow’s width is 14.75” cocked and 18.75” uncocked, while the length is 34.5 – 37”.

It weighs about 6.7 pounds and can draw weight up to 220 pounds. It has 141 Kinetic energy with a 14.5” power stroke. The crossbow also comes with an adjustable foregrip.

This pro package includes a LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W scope, a rope cocker, string suppressors, a 3-bolt quiver, 3 HYPR lite bolts with field tips, and a stick of rail lube. It also has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Wicked speed
  • Precision shooting
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Very powerful and accurate


  • Light bolt
  • Low-quality scope
  • Light arrow causes the limb to split.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This Burner crossbow has a wicked speed that can knock down the biggest and strongest game. The killer tech trigger provides precise shooting with constant accuracy shot after shot.

The buttstock and X-Lok are customized fit. The crossbow is straightforward and easy to assemble. You can quickly zero in the scope. It is light in weight but very powerful and accurate.

Even beginners can easily handle the crossbow. It is a pro package that includes various components. The crossbow comes with a limited lifetime warranty on cover standard and non-wearable parts of the crossbow to the original registered owner.

3) Tyro 4x Recurve Crossbow by CenterPoint

 Tyro 4x Recurve Crossbow by CenterPoint


CenterPoint presents you with a Tyro 4x recurve crossbow. The product dimension is 29 x 12 x 3.75 inches, weighing about 5 pounds. It can draw weight up to 175 pounds.

It comes with a 4 x 32 mm scope and an adjustable stock. The crossbow features a compression-molded fiberglass limb, an auto safety cocking mechanism, and a foregrip storage compartment.

This crossbow is about 33” long and 27” wide when fully assembled and about 27” x 3” x 8” when disassembled. It includes four 16-inch aluminum arrows, a quiver, a rope cocker, and a rail lube.


  • Durable and simple
  • Accuracy
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice scope


  • The sight bridge is set too high.
  • Plastic trigger

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The tyro 4x recurve crossbow has a more traditional look and feel to it. The stocks are adjustable and light in weight, offering a customizable fit to various users.

It is easy to shoulder and safe for handling. The storage compartment can easily store the rail lube and other small accessories. The scope gives perfect accuracy in the field.

It is durable, straightforward, and breaks less. It is the best crossbow under 500 found at a very reasonable price. You can quickly assemble it after reading the instructions.

4) Hybrid Crossbow by XtremepowerUS

Hybrid Crossbow by XtremepowerUS


XtremepowerUS presents you with a Hybrid Crossbow with a 30 x 21.5 x 11 inches product dimension, weighing about 13.14 pounds. It can draw weights up to 80 pounds.

The stock and foregrip are fully adjustable up to 0 – 2.5”. It has 160 feet per second speed having a 10” stroke distance. It is equipped with a 30” length powered by speed-inspired. The effective range is about 75 m.

It features a 200pcs steel balls magazine capacity and a three-mode flashlight. They use the anti-dry fire and auto-cocked trigger mechanisms for safety and protection.

The crossbow has a built-in red pointer sight and a 4 x 3 mm scope with fully coated optics. They use aluminum and composite materials to make this crossbow.

The Hybrid crossbow package includes crossbows, scope, featherless fishing fork, 2 pcs featherless hunting arrow, steel ball set, red light pointer, flashlight, crossbow bag, one set gloves, inner hexagon spanner, and a manual.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable, great speed, and pin-point accuracy
  • Excellent aiming with built-in lasers and scope
  • Lightweight


  • No return policy
  • Purchase separate feather bolts
  • Steel balls drop without cocking

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Hybrid crossbow is user-friendly and found at a low price in the markets. You can customize the bow to fit the shoulder of the user with confidence.

It has a bone-crushing speed that gives a pin-point accuracy. The red pointer sight gives rapid and precise target acquisition. The materials used for this crossbow provide high durability.

It provides hours of hunting entertainment with its high-velocity speed. The scope is light in weight and perfectly proportioned. The built-in laser helps with better aiming.

Overall, the Hybrid crossbow by XtremepowerUS is the best crossbow under 500. It is easy to put together and built with great quality material.

5) Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow by K Exclusive

Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow by K Exclusive


K Exclusive presents you with Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow. This ultimate crossbow kit includes everything you need while going on a hunt.

The crossbow has a rigid composite stock that’s length is about 33” from foot claw to the stock’s end. It weighs approximately 5 pounds and can draw weights about 175 pounds.

The recurve crossbow has an 18 ½” power stroke. It delivers a 16” aluminum arrow at a speed of 245 feet per second. It has a red dot scope attached to the Picatinny rail.

The max range is about 0 to 25 with one pin and about 2 inches every 10 yards after that. This all-inclusive kit includes four 16” aluminum bolts, a wax, a stringer, a sling, a quiver, and a cocking rope.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Perfect for both pro and beginner
  • Great precision and accuracy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Instructions are hard to read.
  • No warranty

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This recurve black crossbow is perfect for both seasoned pro and beginner. It comes with everything that you need while going on a hunt. It hits the target with excellent precision and accuracy.

This crossbow is a high-quality product at a reasonable price. It is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to handle. You can simply repair the recurve crossbow in the field with just extra strings and restring tools.

The crossbow is simple, powerful, and not a toy. It is light in weight, and the cocking rope makes it easier to pull back. The aluminum arrow delivers power at an incredible speed.

6) Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow by BearX

Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow by BearX


Bear X presents you with an Intense Ready Trigido Shoot Crossbow. It measures 10” wide when cocked and 14” wide when uncocked. It delivers a 12.7” hard power stroke at a speed of 400 feet per second.

It has an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents dry firing. The arrow is 260 grains that come with a 100-grain field point. The cams and barrel are aluminum, while the rails are composite.

It comes with a 4 x 32 mm scope, and the scope rail is a standard weaver base. It has 145 ft-lbs kinetic energy. The ready-to-shoot crossbow comes with three bear X true X arrows, an illuminated scope, a four arrow quiver, a cocking rope, and a rail lube/ string wax.


  • Accurate and powerful
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful shots
  • Fast speed
  • No dry firing
  • Reasonable price


  • Fragile strings
  • Big and bulky
  • Poor quality buttstock

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This Intense Ready To Shoot crossbow is very powerful, accurate, and easy to assemble. The scope is easy to dial in within five shots or less. You can adjust the length of the rope according to your preference.

The shots are powerful, but the crossbow is big and bulky. The accuracy with the included scope is impressive and easier to fire than any rifle. It has a fast speed that penetrates the target even at 50 yards.

It delivers intense performance in a compact platform. The manufacturer uses an anti-dry fire mechanism to prevent dry firing. The crossbow brought to you by BearX is suitable for both Tactical and Military sports.

7) Lethal 405 FPS Crossbow by Killer Instinct

Lethal 405 FPS Crossbow by Killer Instinct


Killer Instinct presents you with a Lethal crossbow. The product weighs about 7.2 pounds, and its draw weight is about 210 lbs. It has a speed of 405 feet per second with 134 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

This crossbow has custom rubber shock absorbers reducing noise and vibration. The bolts’ length is 20” with total weights up to 400 gr. and 100 gr. To 125 gr. Without tip. It has an ultra-light composite stock, X-Lok foregrip, and adjustable full-length 20 mm Picatinny rail.

The effective range of this crossbow is about 50 yards max. The package includes 1 illuminated scope,1 rope cocker, string suppressors,3 bolt quivers, three bolts with field tips, and 1 stick of rail tube.


  • Quiet performance
  • Lightweight frame
  • Robust, fast, and accurate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Found at a budgeted price


  • You can’t use a heavy bolt.
  • No magnetic buttstock
  • Bad limb

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The lethal crossbow is hard-hitting. It can knock down strong beasts at a heart-pounding speed. It gives quiet performance increasing stealth and performance.

The lightweight frame is comfortable and easy to maneuver. The crossbow has Picatinny rails that provide comfort and have multiple holding options. It is powerful and manages to shoot clean through the target.

The accuracy and speed are pretty good for both long-range and close-range. You can quickly assemble the crossbow, but using a driver can be a good idea. The trigger is smooth, and the optics on the scope is good as well. It is the best crossbow under 500 found at a budgeted price.

8) Explorer XP Crossbow by Barnett

 Explorer XP Crossbow by Barnett


Barnett presents you with the Explorer XP crossbow. The name Barnett is mostly trusted for making some of the best crossbows since 1952. The product dimension is 34.5” x 37” with an axle to axle width of 16.35”.

The explorer XP crossbow weighs about 6 pounds and can draw weight up to 210 pounds. It can hit the target with a speed of 370 feet per second and has a 15 7/16 inches power stroke.

It uses a soft Lok floating bristle arrow retainer to protect from dry-firing. The crossbow has Trigger Tech Frictionless Release Technology and a single bolt assembly system.

The top red dot can hit targets within 20 yards perfectly, and the middle dot can shoot targets up to 30 yards.

The explorer XP crossbow package includes red/green illuminated red dot sight, two 20” carbon arrows, lightweight side mount quiver, and lubrication wax. It also has a 1-year warranty.


  • High performance
  • Mostly assembled
  • Easy to put together
  • Fast and accurate
  • Reasonable price
  • Helpful customer service


  • Faulty limb
  • Fragile arms
  • Fragile strings

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Explorer XP crossbow is a complete hunting package that gives high-performance. The product comes mostly assembled and concerns the user’s safety as well.

This ready to hunt package is easy to put together. It is fast, powerful, and fun to shoot. The crossbow is light in weight, making it easier to haul around in the woods.

The scope is spot on, giving excellent accuracy. It is a great deal found at a reasonable price. The customer service of Barnett is also excellent. They immediately answer your calls and are helpful. Barnett is the most trusted name in the crossbow for centuries.

9) Cobra System tactical Crossbow by Ace Martial Arts Supply

Cobra System tactical Crossbow by Ace Martial Arts Supply


Ace Martial Arts presents you with Cobra System Tactical Crossbow. The bow dimension is 17.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches long. It is a pistol-style crossbow great for small hunts and targets.

The crossbow has a strong plastic body and compressed molded fiberglass. The crossbow arrows are aluminum material with a metal tip that can draw weight up to 80 pounds. It fires arrows at a speed of 165 feet per second.

It comes with adjustable tactical sight and a new self-cocking mechanism. The speediness of the new tool shortens the reload time, giving you more shots quickly.

The length of the string is about 16.5” when strung and approximately 17.25” when fully extended. The package includes 39 aluminum arrows, 2 strings, a rail lube, and string wax.


  • Fast, accurate, and powerful
  • Inexpensive and effective
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight but durable


  • Can hurt user if not careful
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor red dot quality

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Cobra system crossbow uses a comfortable and safe cocking mechanism that is safer and far less strenuous. This crossbow is suitable for both small and target practice games.

It is fast, accurate, and powerful. You should be careful as it can penetrate through targets with ease. It is a real deal found at dirt cheap. The assembly is quick and easy.

It is very useful, sturdy, and easy to use. The arrow quality is good as well, and reload time is short. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of the crossbow. It is light in weight but durable.

10) Hell Hawk self Cocking Assault Crossbow by M48

Hell Hawk self Cocking Assault Crossbow by M48


M48 presents you with a hell hawk self cocking assault crossbow. The crossbow is about 16 ½” wide and 22” to 24 ⅖” adjustable in length. The crossbow pistol comes with three 6 ½” aluminum bolts.

It has an adjustable buttstock constructed of heavy-duty plastic, while the limbs are made of fiberglass. The crossbow has a 6” power stroke and can draw weight up to 80 pounds.

It can send the aluminum bolts at a speed of 185 feet per second. The front sight has fiber optics, while the rear sight is removable and adjustable. It has a Picatinny rail on the top and bottom with a removable handgrip.


  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and accurate
  • Lightweight


  • No instruction
  • Comes unassembled

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The hell hawk crossbow is sturdy and accurate. It doesn’t come with instruction but assembling it is relatively easy. It takes about 10 to 15 min of your time to set it up.

The limbs are light in weight, and the grip has a TPR texture. It has an average speed with powerful hits. The sights are adjustable and removable to keep things in the shooting line.

The crossbow has a removable handgrip that provides extra space to add accessories. Overall, it is a good quality crossbow found at an affordable price in the markets.

Buying Guide

If you are a beginner buying a crossbow, then there are various things to consider before purchasing one. Our buying guide helps you know about things you should look at in a crossbow.

Type of crossbow

There are two types of crossbow available in the markets, i.e., compound and recurve. They both have their significant differences and a fair share of enthusiasts in bowhunting.

Compound Crossbow

The compound crossbow is the modern version with mechanized cams and pulleys. It allows the latch to hold the bowstring in a cocked position. The significant advantage of these crossbows is their low draw weight that increases the speed.

The cable and pulley mechanism stores energy in the limbs while loading the bow, thus releasing it quicker and more power. These crossbows are steadily increasing their popularity among the hunters.

But the only drawback is the compound crossbow needs high maintenance. Once the strings get damaged, they should be replaced or use a bow press for repairs.

Recurve Crossbow

Recurve Crossbow is traditional bows that have curvy tips away from the archer. It has a simple bow and strings without any pulley or cable mechanism. The design is basic and reliable with low maintenance.

These crossbows are lighter and quieter when shot. The drawbacks of these bows are their generous width making them challenging to handle. You should have a steady hand to operate the crossbow.

The draw weight is high, making the shots slower than the compound crossbows. They are less expensive and lack complicated stringing.

Arrow Speed and Velocity

The speed and velocity of the crossbow arrow determine the success when catching prey. The arrow can fire at a rate from 265 to 400 feet per second. High speed can decrease the tolerance of the crossbow.

The faster the speed and velocity of an arrow, the flatter and more rigid it hits the target. But too much speed can put an unnecessary burden on other parts of the bow.


Crossbows can shoot up to 60 or 80 yards depending on the quality of the equipment. A single sight can hit targets up to 20 yards, while 4X scope can hit targets up to 20 to 60 yards.

Compound crossbows have a built-in scope that serves as an additional feature for arrow routes. There are two types of scopes, i.e., multi-dot and multi-crosshair.

Each offers a different level of illumination. Pro archers prefer multi-crosshair to pinpoint shots as it can prevent wrong angling. However, if you don’t need much accuracy, then the modern design can shoot up to 500 yards.

If you are a beginner, you can select a crossbow that reaches up to 30 to 35 yards. At the same time, you can choose a crossbow that reaches about 60 to 80 yards if you are more skilled.

For better accuracy, you should invest more in quality bolts and broadheads.

Noise Level

The noise level of a crossbow should be relatively quiet while going on a hunt. The recurve crossbow is more silent but requires more physical work when drawing shots.

While the compound crossbow creates more noise when releasing the bolt and arrow. But they do not require heavy physical work and provide more accuracy in shots.

Flight Groove

It is also known as barrel or track, a grooved portion where the bolt rides. It helps in making the shooting accuracy. Flight grooves are made of aluminum, carbon, or composite.

The grooves made from composites are less expensive, but they are less accurate and durable. At the same time, the aluminum tracks are costly but stronger and allow better accuracy.

The carbon fibers are the most expensive among the three, but it is lightweight and durable.


You need to consider the weight of the crossbow and draw weight when buying a crossbow. You need to choose the weight according to your physique and the type of activity you engage in.

If you go for a heavier weighted crossbow, it has more stability and speed, but aiming can be more challenging. However, if you choose a lighter bow, it is easier to carry around, but the shooting is unstable.

As for the draw weight, it varies according to the state regulation for hunting. The overall weight can range from 75 to 125 pounds.

Archer Size

While selecting the crossbow, the height of the archer is essential. The crossbows are usually designed for an average person having a size from 5.6 to 5.8 feet.

Height matters as putting the string in a cocked position can be challenging for short stature peoples. You should match the crossbow with your strength and size for better accuracy.

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Our Best Pick – Best Crossbow Under $500

By far, our best pick is the Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow by Barnett. It is the best crossbow under 500 USD for us. It is absolutely beautiful and gives excellent performance.

The recoil is similar to a low-powered rifle with accurate, smooth, and powerful shots. You can easily put it together without much hassle in 10 to 15 min time. The cocking rope is an average size that can be adjusted.

Overall, this crossbow is a complete package that gives high-performance. It is light in weight and concerns the user’s safety as well. There are no artificial flavors, and it comes assembled.

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