Best Hiking Boots Under $100

Imagine going on a hike and that too with the best hiking boots you have got. This hike will be a success for sure. Because with the best hiking gear, all you will get is the best hiking experience.

So, are you up to experience the best? Or do you want the best hiking boots?

If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the hiking boots and that too within your budget i.e. under $100.

Amongst all the trekking gears, hiking shoes or boots are important. And not just a common pair of boots but a quality one. A quality hiking boot will give you the correct fit, comfort, and protection. Even some of them give extra stability, shock-absorption, and proper cushioning.

Saying all that, you might think about whether they are available for reasonable prices or not. And the answer is affirmative. Here, present the 10 best hiking boots under 100 $. They are well tested and suitable for all types of adventure. We are sure, you will love them all and will have zero complaints after their use.

10 Best Hiking Boots Under 100 Dollars – Review For 2020

1. Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

TimTimberland White Ledge Hiking Boot is an ideal choice while heading onto some rough journey. No matter how long and hard your journey is you will get the right support from it. Your feet will stay cool, dry, and overall protected. So, this boot can be the top pick that you can buy right away.

A quality hiking boot must have quality material. And Timberland White Ledge doesn’t compromise on that. Made with 100% premium leather, the shoe is waterproof. This material prevents locking of moisture and keeps your feet dry & cool.

The boot is also padded in its collar and tongue area. This feature gives additional comfort and a snug fit for ankle protection in all trails & terrains. About its midsole, it consists of EVA material and EVA footbed. Likewise, the main part ‘Outsole’ has solid rubber material with multi-directional lugs.

With seam-sealed construction, this boot appears alluring and up to the mark. Along with this, the rustproof making with speed laces & upper hooks makes it cooler.

Besides, Timberland White Ledge is comfortable to wear and even lasts long. All you need to do is find a perfect fit for you. Then no matter you’re a man or a woman or a child, you will be ready for all types of outdoor actions.


  • Waterproof 100% Premium Leather Material
  • Kees your feet cool & dry all along
  • Padded Collar and Tongue
  • Additional Ankle Support and Comfort
  • Breathable EVA Footbed
  • Extraordinary Grip
  • Perfect for all types of surfaces
  • Good sizing with a snug fit
  • Sturdy in nature
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good looking


  • Stiff fit until they are well broke-in

2. KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you expect your hiking boot to give added safety, KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is your choice. The brand KEEN is in the market for a long time and hasn’t let down its customers. It is lightweight and with the furbished features, it comforts your feet, keeps them cool & dry.

Made with 100% waterproof Nubuck leather, KEEN is waterproof. The textile fabric with a rubber sole protects your feet. There is no compromise in the high-traction grip due to the sole. You can go for all types of outdoor walking. The combination of quality material will comfort and support you every time.

Likewise, the breathable lining around the fabric helps to wick out moisture all day long. It will keep your feet dry & comfortable allowing water vapor out. Along with this, this shoe also gives protection against harmful chemicals. Thanks to its PFC-free water repellent material.

KEEN Targhee features special contouring that offers more traction on slippery or rocky places. The 4mm multi-directional lugs and heel lock support this design. And every time you get better and better protection.

With a low-profile design, KEEN Targhee gives comfort and a secure fit that you wish. It is available in many versatile colors, so you get to pick your favorite one.


  • Lightweight and Breathable Material
  • Waterproof Leather and Textile
  • Rubber Sole with high resistance
  • Superior Traction
  • Uncompromised Ventilation System
  • Special Contoured Design
  • Comfortable Mid-Cut Style
  • Excellent Arch Support
  • Available in Versatile Colors


  • Heavy Construction
  • Loose Adhesion

3. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you are looking for hiking boots with natural support, Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II is the option. It is lightweight in nature and gives good value for money. Due to its warm comfort, you can wear them for every adventure with super ease.

Made with leather or suede, this shoe has a rubber sole. All the used materials are rich in quality and work more than fine. These features help the shoe to provide arch support, flexibility, and strong gripping traction. All in all, you can say with these natural supports, your feet will feel the maximum safety.

The advanced technology of Columbia is another highlight of this shoe. It features properties like waterproofing and breathability. Other features are lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return. These reasons account for the slip-free movement even on rough grounds.

With Columbia Newton, you will feel the comfort right after its first use. Thanks to the well-padded tongue and collar. They guard your feet against friction points to give a comfy experience.

So, for a protective and versatile combination, always go with Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II. You will not regret it at all.


  • Omni-Grip Traction Rubber
  • Amazing Arch Support
  • Durable at its best
  • Advanced Technology of Columbia
  • Superior Cushioning
  • Lasting Comfort
  • Extra padded tongue and collar
  • Lightweight Techlite Midsole
  • Works even in challenging terrain


  • Might discomfort you in the arch area
  • More focus in arch support

4. Merrel Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Merrel Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

With a resolute waterproofing feature, here comes Merrel Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot. This boot is for those who enjoy summer hikes or day hikers. It gives them the ultimate comfort they look for. And with all the support & protection, all mid-hikers love this product.

At first, its material is 100% synthetic leather and mesh. The imported fabric and textile material are waterproof and breathable. They let smooth airflow that prevents sweating while hiking. Your feet are always the cool and dry way. In addition, the mesh material aids more ventilation for comfortable wear.

Likewise, the boot is odor-resistant. All thanks to the built-in FRESH System that prevents bacterial infection. This way, the system controls the offensive foot odor. Also, the boot is shock-resistant. The air cushion heels function as the absorber and provide extra comfort.

The Gore-Tex waterproof membrane on the synthetic sole gives an exceptional waterproof performance. Alongside, Vibram TC5+ sole gives the durability everybody looks for.

Next is the mid-cut comfort in the boot with four inches shaft. It helps with amazing ankle support. And that too with the Ortholite system, the boot gives additional support.

Go on your favorite outdoor adventure with Merrel Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot. nothing will stop you from its success.

Due to these reasons, it is listed as one of the Best Hiking Boots Under $100.


  • Impeccable GoreTex Waterproofing Protection
  • Good Breathability
  • Vibram TC5+ Outsole
  • Built-in FRESH System
  • Odor Resistant
  • Mid-Cut Shaft
  • Great ankle support
  • Anti-Shock Property for extra comfort
  • Ortholite System for additional support


  • Accumulation of dust all over the shoe
  • Must look after some sizing

5. Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Fifth, on the list of Best Hiking Boots Under $100 is Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot. It is another boot with an extraordinary waterproofing quality. Another feature that stands out in this boot is its comfort. Anyone who will use this pair of budget hiking boots will recommend this to others too.

By all means, Ariat Terrain H20 combines quality materials. The terrain has the waterproof, oiled full-grain leather upper. They have great waterproof construction. And with the help of the moisture-wicking linings and membranes, it does its work. There will be no traces of water vapor in your shoes and keep your feet dry & comfortable.

Unlike other boots, the Ariat Terrain also provides real protection and performance. All thanks to the boots with EVA midsoles and Duratread outsoles. Their unmatchable combination makes this shoe tough yet flexible.

Now comes the ATS advanced torque stability technology. This technology comes with composite forked shanks making them comfortable. This technology features a moisture-wicking and gel-cushioned footbed. They aid in shock absorption and ankle support.

At last, you can’t miss the ergonomic forked shank design. Fashioned with a versatile model, Ariat Terrain H2O gives your feet comfortable support, rebound, and stability. And these qualities are hard to beat.


  • Waterproof Leather Material
  • Ergonomic Forked Shank Design
  • Moisture-wicking lining membrane
  • EVA midsole
  • ATS advanced technology
  • Gel-cushioned footbed
  • Long-lasting Duratread outsole
  • ATS sole technology
  • Rubber toe and heel guard
  • Supportive Traction


  • Bulky for travel
  • Possible durability issue

6. Danner Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot

A great and long-lasting boot looks like a Danner Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot. An imported brand, this hiking boot can take you to normal paths to challenging trails. In all these journeys, you won’t get any feet related problems. Because this boot gives the ultimate protection and comfort.

Digging into its material, the upper mesh consists of 100% leather or nylon. This nubuck leather has the rugged 1000 denier nylon. It means the shoe doesn’t make any compromise in its material. Likewise, the rubber sole attached downside is sturdy and durable. Danner Boulder TF outsole with multi-direction offers stability on rugged terrain.

Featuring Gore-Tex waterproof material, this shoe wicks off moisture with ease. The material is also well-ventilated so your feet will remain cool and dry.

The next feature in this boot is a lightweight and shock-resistant EVA midsole. The cushioning footbed provides the right ankle support. The so-called terra force platform in the footbed also offers lightweight performance and stability.

Last is the thermoplastic PU shank that provides additional protection. Thus, Danner Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot is the choice that comforts and protects your feet in any climatic situation.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Good Ventilation
  • No leakage with the shoes
  • Danner Boulder TF outsole
  • Lightweight and Comforting Boots
  • Cushioning in the EVA footbed
  • TPU Shank for added protection
  • Use of Terra Force Platform
  • Choice for challenging hiking trails


  • Loose fit after breaking in
  • Early discomfort around the ankles

7. Ahnu Alamere Mid Hiking Boot

Ahnu Alamere Mid Hiking Boot

The Ahnu Women’s Alamere Mid Hiking Boots is one of the most comfortable hiking shoes for women. This shoe or mid-hiking shoe is for hiking in the rainy season or similar weather conditions.

The mesh construction has a variety of materials like leather and synthetic textile. The waterproof nubuck and hydrophobic ripstop mesh wick off moisture. This technique helps your feet feel dry even in wet conditions.

Talking about grippy traction, the boots have Spider rubber soles. As the name suggests, it offers dependable traction and coherent grip. Alongside, the arch support is good too. The EVA footbed in the mid-cut midsole provides additional stability and arch support. This feature is also great for absorbing shocks.

The inner support and padding of Ahnu Alamere are comfortable for long to moderate hikes. From serious traction to balanced biomechanics, it encourages a neutral positioning system. There are not many choices to choose from as compared to others. But the available versions are the best ones and fulfill all demands of difficulty.

So, ladies what are you waiting for?


  • Extra Width for Extra Comfort
  • Simple Feminine Design
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight in Nature
  • Attractive and Stylish
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Wicks Moisture Outside
  • Good traction
  • Rubber toe protector
  • Shock Absorption and Arch Support


  • Sizing may be large
  • Colors may be lighter than they appear

8. Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

For those needing a multipurpose and versatile boot, you must choose the Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe. This shoe is a perfect hiking companion that gives you full protection and good performance.

The upper material has synthetic making. The making is waterproof and has breathable mesh panels. The proper ventilation makes these boots flexible keeping your feet cool and dry. In addition, the waterproof polyester lining keeps moisture away even in watery trails.

The hiking boot features a rubber sole and protective rubber toe cap. It includes an EVA midsole that supports ankle balance. There is also a Gore-Tex protective membrane. Thus, you get full protection no matter what. Also, the gusseted tongue keeps water and other trail debris out of the shoe.

Next is the superior lacing system. It has modern manufacturing and provides plenty of adjustabilities. All in all, Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe is a reasonable, lightweight, and durable choice. With this one, you will not get any blister or feet cuts. Your journey will get easier and your experience will be better.

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the Best Hiking Boots Under $100.


  • Great Ankle support
  • Debris Protection
  • Secure and Snug fit
  • Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Highly durable
  • Super Comfortable
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Ortholite shaped EVA Footbeds
  • Good grip & traction
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Well ventilation
  • Sturdy soles


  • Sole may be slippery on smooth surfaces

9. Clorts Waterproof Lightweight Camping Hiking Boot

Clorts Waterproof Lightweight Camping Hiking Boot (Best Hiking Boots Under $100)

Another boot on the list of Best Hiking Boots Under $100 is Clorts Waterproof Lightweight Camping Hiking Boot. If you love to hike around rugged terrain with the utmost comfort, you can try Clorts Waterproof Hiking Boot. This lightweight boot offers excellent waterproofing and ventilation for a comfortable hiking journey. Made with the Uneebetx membrane, this shoe will keep your feet dry even on rainy days.

Next is the breathable mesh that is just adorable. You don’t have to worry about vapor and sweats. Thus, you can walk on any path with confidence and stress-free. Aligned with Clorts Hike technology, the shoe keeps your foot extra stability.

Likewise, the mid-cut height increases ankle support. The upper material is suede leather which gives a great in-shoe feel. About its outsole, it is TPU shank for continuous grip and traction. The midsole is however the casual EVA with cushioning footbeds. The ample combination of all these parts delivers high-performance and durability.

With this boot, you can head to extensive hiking, backpacking, trekking, and camping. No wonder you will have a fun-filled day.


  • Clorts Hike Technology for Extra Stability
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Uneeb Tex Breathable Membrane
  • Secure and Snug Fit
  • No Breaking-in
  • Stylish Design
  • Prevention from abrasion and scuffing
  • Maximum Breathability
  • Odor Resistant


  • Sizing runs smaller
  • May be narrow for some

10. Vasque Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Vasque Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot (Best Hiking Boots Under $100)

The final pick on the list of the best hiking boots under $100 is Vasque Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot. The reason it got into our list out of thousands of tested boots is its resolute basic features. They are pretty functional and aesthetic footwear with lightweight and higher durability.

It is also well- made with quality materials used in every part. The mesh upper consists of 100% leather and the Gore-Tex membrane preserves it. It is such a trusted name that assures the best waterproof protection. And the Vibram soles make the shoes better. Both features are standard and aid for protective comfort. It is great that such standards are available under the price of $100. Amazing, isn’t it?

An imported brand. Vasque incorporates new and innovative technologies into this boot. And this is exactly why all hikers and trekkers love them. It is good and supportive of anyone and any adventurous journey.

So, no more delays. Get your pair of Vasque Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot today and embark on a new adventure!


  • Gore-Tex Waterproofing
  • Breathable Mesh Lining
  • Vibram Outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Higher Durability
  • Sturdy Traction
  • Flexible and Supportive
  • Warm and Comfortable


  • Might be tight and narrow
  • Not enough arch support

Final Say,

To wrap up, these were our list of the best hiking boots under $100. Each of them are well tested and you can use them without any doubt. They are of great consideration and do not compromise on anything. Whether that may be quality or comfort or alluring design. Thus, you can select the best option amongst all these affordable and outstanding shoes.

Out of all, the Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot is a perfect one. It would be our top pick as there are many features that make it the best. First, is its versatility. You can wear these boots on any type of terrains and outdoor activities.

Made with one hundred premium waterproof leather, they provide awesome comfort. They have good breathability too. Keeping your feet dry, they give the required ankle support. They also come with Vibram sole and EVA insole. All the combinations provide enough support and security. We are sure with this product, you won’t have any complaints.

Other options are versatile too. They have their peculiarity which makes them up to this list. You can check them out and we are sure these picks will not let you down.

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Why Are The Best Hiking Boots Important?

Now comes why in fact do you need hiking boots?

There are many reasons for this. While dealing with natural adventure, there come many things that you need to deal with. And the primary step for being prepared begins with buying the best boots for your journey. Here is the collection of what advantages you get with them:

1. Comfort Your Feet

This is the primary reason for buying a hiking boot. A quality boot will comfort your feet and let you do whatever you want. You can walk, run, and even climb if needed. And despite the type of terrain you travel, there won’t be any compromise. But while purchasing them, you need to be careful. You must make sure to buy the shoes with a good fit. A well-fitted shoe equals happy feet and happy feet means happy hiking.

2. Fulfill Your Hiking Goals

Adventure is something that should not and will not stop. A small hike can be a small beginning to bigger treks & tours. This journey will keep continuing if you keep getting that extra foot support. And that is possible only with a good hiking boot. So, don’t let your adventurous dream be backward by any obstacles.

3. Protection and Support

Good hiking boots offer the maximum level of protection and support. Whether the trail is wet or muddy or rocky, the boots will protect and keep your feet dry. Without them, you might have to hike in extreme conditions and juggle more. So, to skip off these hiking hazards, go with 100% protective hiking boots with ample support. And don’t let any harshness affect your feat of exploring an amazing hiking experience.

4. Prevents Foot Arch Pain

There are various foot-related problems that correlate with hiking. All you can do to avoid them is to prepare yourself. And that includes a good hiking shoe with high-quality. Well, this idea can help you avoid foot arch pain for a novice as well as pro-hikers. There are various options like hiking boots for feet with underpronation (high-arched feet) and overpronation (low-arched). So, all you need to find is the type of shoe that fits you. It is also a solution for those who feel arch pain after hiking.

5. Bye Bye Blisters

Small accidents, cuts, or wounds in your feet are the results of ignorance and proper information. And same is the case with blisters that are common while hiking. If you feel an extreme sore while hiking, there is something wrong with your footwear. So, it’s time you throw them off and buy the best hiking boots. A quality pair of shoes will reduce the friction between shoes and feet. This way, your feet will not swell up or cause any friction. And without any doubt, bye-bye foot blisters!

Things to Consider While Buying Hiking Boots Under $100


Choosing a perfect pair of hiking boots is not that easy. There are many factors that might affect your feet while hiking. Thus, before buying hiking boots under $100, you have to pay attention to certain things. Here is the list of a few things that you should consider before buying hiking boots under $100:

Snug Fit and Comfort

This is the primary thing that you must look in a hiking boot if you want a safe and sound hike. The hiking boot must give a secure and snug fit to your feet. Sizings of some hiking boots may differ from the standard ones. So, you must take care of it. It is better to dig the information about your favorite shoes well. Handpicking can also be another option. And when you do the latter, better to buy in during the evening time.

Quality of Material

The quality of every material of your shoes matters a lot. They help to maintain their respective function. The major parts of any hiking boots include upper, mesh lining, outsole, midsole, and shaft design. You must make sure all of these parts of your shoes have an authentic textile and fabric. Some of its renowned names are Vibram Outsole, EVA Midsole, breathable & waterproof mesh lining. For the upper mesh, there are two major materials such as suede (leather) or synthetic.

Waterproof or Not

This is another important consideration. Your hiking journey may be full of challenges. You can never know. Many times natural calamities like rain can have a harsh effect. To not let this happen, you have to buy waterproof trekking gear including a waterproof hiking boot. Also, if you have normal hiking boots, you can follow many techniques to waterproof them.

Lightweight and Breathability

Wouldn’t it be more comforting, if your protective hiking boots are lightweight? Lightweight hiking boots will comfort you more. Your adventure will become less messy and much easier if your feet feel light. Even in some uneven terrains, lightweight shoes are ideal. Along with this, your shoes must be breathable and well ventilated. It should wick off unnecessary moisture off your feet and shoes.


A durable hiking shoe will support you and your feet throughout the journey. Thus, it is necessary you buy durable shoes. This particular feature depends upon all the above features mentioned above. Also, you can go through public reviews for getting the best hiking boot under $100.

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