Best Hunting Seat Cushion

The hunting treestand may go well during a day in the wild, but it becomes way more comfortable with seat cushions. It ends the ache of standing hours on the plank or even while stashing behind the bushes to catch big bucks.

The hunting seat cushions are convenient, especially when one has to stand hours looking for a big prize. They relieve stress and avert sore backs, providing more comfort while hunting animals in the outback.

The padded cushion provides support to the hunter and prevents back pain. It relieves the strain of hunting in the outback and takes the pressure off. The best hunting seat cushion also eliminates the discomfort and ceases the hunter from slipping off.

There’s no denying that the best hunting seat cushion makes a huge difference during your recreation into the woods. As they’re well-padded, breathable, and visually comfortable with soft foam, it’s convenient using the seat cushion.

Hunting in a challenging condition is generally rigid, and seat cushions make it comfortable by providing support. If the hunting seat cushion doesn’t offer ease, there’s no use in getting one, so ensure that the seat you choose is comfortable and healing.

Best Hunting Seat Cushion – Top 10 Best Reviews

S.NProduct NameProduct ImageCheck Price
1Therm-A-SEAT Traditional Series Insulated Hunting Seat CushionTherm-A-SEAT Traditional Series Insulated Hunting Seat Cushion
2ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3 inchesALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3 inches
3Moss Green Thick Seat CushionMoss Green Thick Seat Cushion
4Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Heat-a-Seat Insulated Hunting SeatNortheast Products Therm-A-SEAT Heat-a-Seat Insulated Hunting Seat
5Therm-A-SEAT Two Man Tree Stand Replacement SeatTherm-A-SEAT Two Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat
6Hunt Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat CushionHunt Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat Cushion
7Allen Company Vanish Dove Bucket with Foam InsertAllen Company Vanish Dove Bucket with Foam Insert
8Muddy CR87-V Standard Stander Seat CushionMuddy CR87-V Standard Stander Seat Cushion
9Allen Company - Vanish Hunting Foam Seat CushionAllen Company - Vanish Hunting Foam Seat Cushion
10Hunt Comfort 1108437 HCSC50G Scout CushionHunt Comfort 1108437 HCSC50G Scout Cushion

1. Therm-A-SEAT Traditional Series Insulated Hunting Seat Cushion

Therm-A-SEAT Traditional Series Insulated Hunting Seat Cushion


Whether you like it or not but Therm-A-Seat is the coolest thing in the market right now. It’s substantially the most delicate hunting seat cushion, made of closed-cell foam for improved flexibility and moisture resistance.

The cushion seat is incredibly comfy and warm even in the temperature as low as 30 Degree Celsius. It’s so adaptable that hunters can use it on tree stumps, metal seats or toss it on wet ground, and Traditional will provide the same performance.

Therm-A-Seat is well-constructed with proper stitching on all sides. The seat works great in all conditions without leaking or shrinking the density of cushions. What’s more, it has a velcro strap to string up when not using or else transport it wherever you want.


  • Springy and holds its original shape
  • Convenient and long-lasting
  • Worth the price
  • Easier on the backside


  • Arch after a few use
  • Uncomfortable once squelched down
  • Unfit and small on the backside
  • Thin and shoddy

Why choose Therm-A-Seat Traditional Series Insulated Hunting Seat Cushion?

It might not be the fanciest of all hunting seat cushions, but Therm-A-Seat Tradition is cushy with smooth fabric. The cushion seat is perfectly shaped with the dimension of 13 x 14 x 0.75 inches to fit rightly on the chair.

It offers a softer seat with padded foam that retains heat and provides warmth even on a cold day. The series is feasible for all-size hunters as it can handle the pressure quite well. With a weight of mere 22.68 gms, the seat cushion is easily portable. The cushion can be attached to a backpack or even on the belt using a clip

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3″

ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3 inches


The most relied upon and comprehended brand for any hunting gear, ALPS is just exceptional. The brand is unprecedented in manufacturing high-quality kits, which stands the test of time and provides unrivaled performance.

Like all its merchandise, the ALPS hunting seat cushion is as impressive as it gets with extra thick padded foam that provides comfort and warmth. The cushion evenly distributes the body weight and makes it relaxing to sit on without constricting it.

It’s spacious with a perfect shape and size of 15.5″ x 12″ x 3″ inches that gives enough room to settle down. The cushion comes with a built-in handle for easy portability and a camo pattern to fool the savage beasts.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Easy-to-wear
  • Lightweight and
  • Dense Enough to provide heat for hours


  • Hard as rock
  • Poor quality material
  • Fragile to break easily

Why choose ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3″?

ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3″ is the ultimate choice of hunters who’re to spend a lot of time in the wilderness. It’s built from a breathable foam that resists water and moisture from ingressing. The cushion is complemented with a blaze orange 600D bottom fabric, letting the cushion outshine.

The fabrics of OutdoorZ are so firm that it doesn’t snap or twists easily. It’s lightweight and super responsive, offering enough heat to withstand the extreme climate. The cushion is hard-wearing and coated with a G-1 camo fabric for more versatility and a soft-hand feel.

The brand is so conscious of making a user-friendly seat cushion, which can be witnessed in OutdoorZ. With the empirical design, cool features, and removable straps, ALPS is more adaptive than most seat cushions. It provides relief to those who have to spend a lot of time in the wild.

3. Moss Green Thick Seat Cushion

Moss Green Thick Seat Cushion


Moss Green Thick Seat cushion is the new trend that has off-guarded hunters. The seat pad has captured people’s attention with its everlasting viability and excellent materials in a brief time. It provides long-lasting comfort and stability, which causes the hunter to count more on Moss.

The cushion is a clique favorite for a reason. It’s designed to have a firm inner with a soft and spongy outer, making it easy to relax on. It’s sterling with lightweight construction and a plain design that looks as fresh as green.

It uniformly disseminates the weight and stops the cushion from being pressed down. The seat cushion is carefully designed with closed-cell foam that braves moisture and eradicates wind washing. Moss has a holding handle which makes it easy to carry or string up in the backpack.


  • Maneuverable and waterproof
  • Great value for a reasonable price
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quiet and convenient to handle


  • Stiff and ill at ease
  • Rags shortly after usage
  • Non-water-absorbent

Why choose Moss Green Thick Seat Cushion?

Moss Green Thick is arguably the best hunting seat cushion at the moment, having stand out both in quality and performance. It’s fluffy, malleable, and comfortable to rest while keeping a close watch on the animals.

The seat cushion is an excellent addition to any hunter test kit as the seat cushion is sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable. It eliminates the stress of sitting on the plain stand and getting hurt. The seat cushion has a firm but soft base, providing enough support to the user’s back.

Despite the simple design, the seat cushion looks fabulous with sleek layers. It’s furnished with a detachable velcro strap for easy carrying and waterproof fabric to expel moisture. Besides, Moss Green is so flexible that you can use it as a garden kneeling pad or stadium set when not hunting.

4. Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Heat-a-Seat Insulated Hunting Seat

Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Heat-a-Seat Insulated Hunting Seat


Popular within avid hunters, the Northeast insulated hunting seat is swanky and leading-edge with delicate construction. The cushion seat has an INSULSOFT Insulation fill, which is non-combustible and moisture resilient.

Its stylish design with well-off seating and rugged base makes the cushion seat more preferable than it already is. The cushion is valued for its sustainability, superb comfort, and warm seat.

Northeast insulated hunting seats need no battery to charge up and provide warmth to hunters even in the bleak atmosphere. Besides, it has got a holding handle, which allows the hunter to pull it easily.


  • Cool design and lightweight
  • Super comfortable and lightweight
  • Old-fashioned but refined
  • Reasonably priced


  • Materials are diluent and cheap
  • The cushion is stuffed with plain foam

Why choose Northeast Products Therm-A-Seat?

Northeast Therm-A-Seat has caught many eyes in recent years, a shout of applause to its supreme fabric and function. The cushion seat is incredibly comforting and efficient with premium insulsoft shredded closed-cell foam, saving the back from aches.

It never goes flat, remaining padded and comfy. The cushion absorbs body heat and keeps the hunter warm in severe cold. Northeast hunting seats have an exclusive style in general. They come in perfect round shape with strings on the top to carry easily.

5. Therm-A-SEAT Two Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat

Therm-A-SEAT Two Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat


For a brand that has beckon hunters with its premium quality materials and ergonomic design for so many years, Therm-A-Seat is a real bargain. It’s some of the most comfortable seat cushions, providing more ductility and additional support.

The bottom of the cushion is flat and firm but pain relief. Its water-resistant Softek foam keeps the moisture away and comes to use even in bad weather conditions. Therm-A-Seat’s 4-inch quick release straps allow the user to fasten the cushion to string in the backpack.

The cushion is definitely not petite, with enough rooms for two to adjust in and keep a close eye on the prize. Therm-A-Seat has a flat bottom with enough width that sits perfectly on the treestand or any other object.


  • Easily handled and user-friendly
  • Thick bottom seat for extra warmth
  • Noise reduction and waterproof
  • No gimmicks and chemicals


  • Misleading and unrest
  • Stuffed with plain foam
  • Fails to preserve heat

Why choose Therm-A-Seat Two Man Tree Stand Replacement Seat?

Therm-A-Sea is a perfect option for those who have to spend ample time in the woods while looking for deer. It boasts a super thick foam that’s water-resistant and maintains warmth for enough time.

Following the dimension of 38 x 14 x 1.5 inches, the cushion sits flat on the tree stand or seat. It’s spacious and allows the hunter to move freely. Therm-A-Seat is found to be agile warm, reflecting the body heat.

It retains its shape even after being squished and doesn’t make a noise. It comes in three different colors, including mossy oak and Realtree edge frame, to mislead animals and trap them right away.

6. Hunt Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat Cushion

Hunt Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat Cushion


Comfort Fatboy might just have the best seat cushion for hunters, providing everlasting comfort and rest. The seat cushion is one of the swish prop-ups with soft high-court fabric that offers improved performance and relieves pain.

It effaces the stress of standing hours on the tree or behind the bushes to monitor the action of big bucks. The layout of Fatboy is incredible, with an intensified framed edge to prevent it from tearing and the risk of bending.

Hunt is made of premium memory foam to provide elasticity and reduce muscle fatigue. Its Gel Core Technology equally distributes the weight and lessens the strain of sitting while hunting. Besides, the cushion offers a strap to keep your hands free and transport it anywhere you go.


  • Durable and noise reductive
  • Value for money
  • Ease on the backside
  • Breathable and anti-slip bottom


  • Inflexible and discomfort
  • Painful to seat

Why choose Hunt Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat Cushion?

Hunters will never regret choosing Comfort Fatboy Premium Seat Cushion as it’s physically comforting and stout. The seat cushion is made using lite core triple-density memory foam for longevity and maximum operational range.

Comfort’s framed edge support improves balance and impedes roll-offs, making it usable for a very long time. Its superior memory foam can bear maximum weight without getting compressed or tearing.

Fatboy is hand-stitched and made with comforTex fabric that’s highly efficient and accommodating. Despite its flexible nature, the cushion is durable and tough to splinter. The materials are quick-drying and can be cleaned up with hands rather than using machines.

7. Allen Company Vanish Dove Bucket with Foam Insert

Allen Company Vanish Dove Bucket with Foam Insert


Allen has undeniably mastered creating top-of-the-line seat cushions, with each excelling in feature and excellence. But out of all its creation, Vanish Dove surely tops the chart with its exceptional design, terrific performance, and durability.

Allen’s pad is constructed from camo fabric with 12 inches diameter x 2 inches height. The seat cushion is styled in a bucket lid shape that fits anywhere and everywhere. It’s dynamic and suits any standard 4, 5, and 6-gallon plastic buckets without inhibiting comfort.

The seat cushion reduces the amount of strain on the back and increases the comfort level while hunting. It’s relatively ergonomic and thicker to use on the rough surface. Moreover, the pad is lightweight so that Vanish can be easily carried and employed even in the wildest setting.


  • Easy-fit and works amazing
  • Good value for money
  • Adjustable and convenient to use
  • Quality material and durability


  • Feeble and likely to break easily
  • The swivel doesn’t rotate when seated on
  • Unfit for regular buckets

Why choose Allen Vanish Dove Bucket Seat Cushion?

Allen’s Vanish Dove Bucket is a pleasant surprise to all hunters out there looking for a stalwart seat cushion that gives comfort and durability. It’s truly the best hunting seat cushion with a slick foam cushion for seating.

The cushion is made of olive and brown HDPE polymer fabric for longer service life. It’s a multi-purpose cushion and can be used in any outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing. Vanish features a waterproof lid that can be adjusted according to the comfort level.

8. Muddy CR87-V Standard Stander Seat Cushion

Muddy CR87-V Standard Stander Seat Cushion


Muddy CR87-V Standard Seat Cushion is a true knockout, providing great comfort and repose. It’s well-built with layers of soft fabric that offers firm support without letting one suffer. The cushion is beautifully designed with the size of 18″ x 10” x 2″ inches to provide enough room for hunters to

Its large seat cushion is prone to accommodate all users and help them ease off under any circumstance. Muddy comes with a mixed black and camo design that helps it appear swanky and conceal from wild boars.

The cushion serves as a life savior to hunters who have to stand all day long, seeking big bucks and elk. The foam remains unharmed by water and keeps the user warm and dry around the clock. It fits in well on a series of treestands, including Fit Boss XL, and increases the comfort level.


  • Quiet, durable, and light construction
  • Fits perfectly on the stand
  • Great seat cushion for the price
  • Easy snap on and off


  • Honey trap as the seat misses buckles
  • Produces loud bursting noise
  • Buckles were gone condemns user

Why choose Muddy CR87-V Standard Seat Cushion?

Muddy CR87-V is a definitive choice of many hunters looking up for seat cushions, given its top-quality materials and performance. The seat cushion is glutted with unique features that one can ever ask for, including camo fabric and two buckle fasteners.

Muddy is indeed one of the most affordable seat cushions to be right out there for the outstanding feature and efficiency. The cushion is rightly comfortable, but most of all, it’s robust and doesn’t tear easily, giving service to hunters for a really long time.

The best thing about Muddy is that it prevents back pain even after remaining seated for several hours. The seat cushion is roomy with the 18″ width x 10″ deep x 2″ thick and compact enough to place on the big game treestands.

9. Allen Company – Vanish Hunting Foam Seat Cushion

Allen Company - Vanish Hunting Foam Seat Cushion


Hunters will have an easy time tracking the action of wild beats using Allen’s foam seat cushion. It’s the most dynamic cushion seat with tough layers on all sides to avoid untimely snaps and rupture.

It’s a super comfortable and sturdy seat cushion with a foam seat that’s usable all-time. The padded seat of Vanish is 2-inch thick to prevent the cold from getting in. The smooth and simple pattern of the mossy oak country allows it to disguise itself from the animals.

The cushion’s top layer is shrouded with breathable fabric that can resist water and provide heat for a long time. Vanish is designed for easy maneuvering with the added comfort that gets better with time. Provided the lightweight feature, the seat cushion is easy to transport wherever you want to take it.


  • Excellent quality and comfort
  • Works great at any climate
  • Added comfort and thickset
  • Light and easy


  • Unstretchable but compressed
  • Functional for limited time
  • Flimsy and splints easily

Why choose Allen Company Vanish Hunting Seat Cushion?

Allen’s Vanish is one of the premium quality seat cushions in the market right now. It’s groundbreaking and built using the latest technology with solid foam to stand long. The seat cushion offers better seating posture with improved stability to ease stress.

Despite the minimalist design with monochrome, the seat cushion looks tasteful and elegant. It is befitting for every hunter who wants to sit for long hours more comfortably. Vanish also has a die-cut hole on its fore for easy carrying and attachment.

The cushion works as a remedial treatment for hunters who have to get out of their comfort zone and adapt to the wild environment. Allen measures 13 x 14 x 2 inches, which is well enough to seat comfortably.

10. Hunt Comfort 1108437 HCSC50G Scout Cushion

Hunt Comfort 1108437 HCSC50G Scout Cushion


Hunt Comfort Scout Cushion is one of the most upscale seat pads in the market that’s built to last long. The seat cushion is accommodating in every which way and features a high-resistance foam for much-needed support.

Hunt is a versatile cushion with a hard-wearing but soft base that can suit different comforts. It has got Fc-1 snap attachment lashes to secure the cushion to trees and keep it more stable. Likewise, Hunt has a triple-density foam system to avoid back pain and have an easy time using the cushion.

It’s extra special and has the size of 15″ x 10.5″ x 2.5″ inches to fit in the tree stand or chair. The cushion is lightweight and easy to haul, weighing merely 1lbs. It’s also equipped with two elliptical gel pads in three sheets of polyurethane foams to improve durability and tensile strength.


  • Comfortable and compact
  • Dual foam for long-lasting performance
  • Nice compact seat
  • Worth the money


  • Unfit for treestand complain users
  • Seats are smaller than anticipated
  • Fallacious and not 100 percent waterproof

Why choose Hunt Comfort Scout Cushion?

Hunting in the woods’ harsh conditions will never be easy unless there is a fine companion like Hunt Comfort Scout Cushion. The seat cushion is carefully fabricated using GelCore Technology and waterproof fabric that works in all weather. Scout is highly robust and receptive, featuring integrated medical-grade foam.

It’s made with GripTek Technology for an anti-slip base that can withstand unwanted wear and tear. Unlike many other cushions, Hunt is highly adaptable and placating. No matter the hunter’s size and weight, the seat cushion doesn’t squeeze nor curls, keeping it stylishly new after every usage.

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Buying tips for Best Hunting Seat Cushion

1. Material Quality

Material quality is the most significant factor to consider whether or not to purchase the hunting seat cushion. The fabric used to build a seat cushion must be high-quality so that it doesn’t rip off right after the purchase.

Materials are not to be overlooked, for the fragile ones pull out instantly after multiple scrubs. The fabric used to make the seat padding must be firm and evenly distributed to withstand stress.

There is a broad assortment of materials used to make a seat cushion, including gel, polyester fiber, cotton latex, and many others. But it’s the memory foam that has been a fashion-forward lately, given its high durability and resistance to pressure.

It’s one of the most versatile fabrics for its high energy absorbent properties and softness. Other materials that make the right choice for hunting seat cushions are linen and cotton, as they are washable and easy-to-use.

2. Size

Size is a crucial factor to contemplate when it comes to the best hunting seat cushion selection. Nobody wants their cushion to be compact, struggling to fill all the corners. It shouldn’t be extra-large either, else it’ll go off the line, and that won’t look cool.

If the cushion size isn’t perfectly fitting, you’ll have a hard time sitting on it. The cushion’s dimension must be of the exact size of the chair for extra comfort and plumpness. Even the best hunting seat cushion comes in different sizes, so you might want to take a close look at its scale.

Most hunters choose the seat cushion based on their taste, but I would recommend assessing the seat before picking the right one. Measure the length and width of the seat cushion so that it sits perfectly on the chair.

3. Ergonomic

Many seat cushion makes hunters feel like a stone after resting back for along time. Some of them even leave the user screaming with back pain and makes them feel insecure. But it shouldn’t be the case with your new seat cushion; otherwise, it’s worthless getting one.

Therefore, whenever you purchase a hunting seat cushion, make sure the one is efficient and functional. It’s better to have a non-slip seat cushion; in that way, you’ll have an easy time sitting on the seat cushion.

4. Price

Price is another aspect that most hunter often ignores while choosing a seat cushion. To save a few bucks, they go for cheaper ones that may look stylish but trash. Therefore, instead of wasting the money on a horrid quality cushion that won’t even last a day, it’s better to spend a couple more dollars and get a handy seat cushion.

5. Camouflage

It may not bet the ranch for your bucks, but a camouflage seat will surely help you keep a close eye on your prey. The pattern is so indistinguishable within the bushes that it will be hard for the animal to figure out the apparatus. The camo seat cushion allows hunters to screen their presence and sneak up on the prey.

6. Stability

Unlike some regular seating pads, the best hunting seat cushion is more stable and doesn’t slide off. They stay firm in one place and doesn’t cause the hunter a lot of trouble by going off-balance. Most of them even come with a non-slip base and back support to offer more comfort and ease tension.

7. Thickness

Even though the thickness of a seat cushion is a matter of personal choice, one should be dense enough to obstruct the water from seeping thru. Hunters usually prefer having a seat cushion that’s at least 3-inch thick so that it doesn’t soak the moisture. In the case of the high-end seat cushion, the thickness ranges from 3 to 8 inches.

Final Verdict

With so many seat cushions claiming to have the best feature and functionality, it’s tough to select one. But, after thinking hard and analyzing the elements of all seating pads, there’s no doubt ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3″ comes off as the best hunting seat cushion.

It’s the premier hunting seat cushion that keeps the hunter off the ground. ALPS is made up of durable fabric with waterproof layers to use in wet conditions. The cushion is so sturdy and compact that you can even lay it on the frozen plank.

The seat cushion is well-crafted with a handle for easy portability. It also has a reversible orange camo pattern to trick the animals and monitor their activities. The pad is solid and convenient for anyone’s usage.

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