Best Long Seeve Fishing Shirts

No matter if you’re fishing just a day-long, week, or hours, you’ll need to be dressed as per the occasion. Without the right apparel, you’ll never be able to enjoy the experience or have a great time on the sea. Instead, you’ll be annoyed by the sweltering heat, bug bites, and chafing.

Long sleeve shirts have always been a staple for anglers as it protects them from sunburn and exposure to UV rays. Their highly technical fabrics offer more comfort and streamlined movement to anglers. Choices of fabric to make these shirts are of high quality, like polyesters and nylon, as they are durable and easily cleaned.

These materials are impressively elastic, wrinkle-resistant, and retains their shape even after repeated use. Some of the best long sleeve shirts are so light that you can wear them on a 100-degree day without adding bulk or weight. They don’t snag easily or get stains, providing long years of service.

An integrated mesh lining shirt offers good ventilation and controls heat levels to use on warmer days. They’re designed to provide a great range of motion without compressing the shoulder or coming untucked. The perfect fishing shirt offers excellent comfort, flexibility, temperature regulation, and airflow.

It also protects your skin from sun damadon’tUV rays that trigger medical problems. Those which come with roll-up sleeves add more personality and style to the angler’s look while letting in the airflow. Not only are these shirts quick-drying, but they also wick moisture and keep the skin dry and fresh.

The best brands long sleeve fishing shirts perform really well, reducing wear and tear. Even though they’re exclusively designed for fishing, the long sleeve shirts have more style and freshness for regular use. They prevent liquid from being absorbed and prevent the shirt from stinking.

Best long sleeve fishing shirts

1. Windrider long sleeve fishing shirt

Key Features

  • UPF 50+ material for sun protection
  • Mesh sides for breathability
  • Stain-resistant
  • Moisture management technology design
  • Diverts the harmful UVA and UVB rays

Windrider long sleeve fishing shirt

Product Details

A long-sleeved fishing shirt from Windrider is one of the trendiest and coolest fits for all types of anglers. It’s chic and ultra-soft with a textured hand feel that compliments the casual style on any fishing day. The shirt is comfortable wearing and handling,

Windrider is crafted from premier quality material that is lightweight and stainproof. It has a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the angler fresh and dry even after staying out in the sun all day long. It restrains the greater health risks possessed by the sun’s rays and its reflection coming from the water.

The UPF 50+ fabric protects anglers from harmful UV radiation and sunburn. In addition to that, the Windrider’s shirt catches the breathe, keeping it fresh and airy regardless of the humid heat. They are durable and doesn’t rip apart in due time, which signifies the greater value for the money

The mesh side vents of the Windrider regulates the temperature and provides flexibility with good stretch. Its longer cut back insulates the skin day-in, day-out, and saves from the discomfort every time they arched over the gunwale to catch the fish.


  • Quick-drying with stain-resistant
  • Perfect fit and accurate color
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High performance, quality, and low cost


  • Slightly tight mock turtleneck

Why do we recommend the Windrider long sleeve fishing shirt?

Windrider is indeed the long sleeve shirt that’s worth spending money on. It’s a cut above the rest with carefully selected materials that are light and breathable. Windrider’s long sleeve shirt is highly absorbent, preventing the moisture from soaking under the surface.

It’s stylish and flattering with a fabulous design that makes the anglers look all dolled-up, even on a fun fishing day. Not just swanky, but the moisture-wicking material of the shirt also keeps them dry even after sweating in the sun.

It’s made with strategic vent material that serves as ventilation for hot weather. It disseminates the body heat even with the long sleeves and lets the air flow through, keeping the anglers cool even in a blistering summer. Moreover, the built-in stain-resistant repels the liquid from the shirt and keeps it stain-free.

As it comes with UV protective clothing, anglers aren’t required to put sunblock, which can cause redness and stinging of the skin on sun-exposed areas. It allows the air to circulate for improved ventilation and more breathability.

2. Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama II Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Key Features:

  • 100% nylon fabric
  • Shoulder blades and roll-up sleeves
  • Omni shade UPF 30+
  • Hidden vents with multiple buttons
  • Perfect angler’s fit
  • PFG long at sleeve

Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Product Details

Columbia is another big brand that’s widely acclaimed for making exclusive and top-quality apparel for outdoor fishing. This fishing shirt transcends a lot of high-end brands with its performance, versatility, and durability. It’s a classic button-down shirt that makes you look dapper but, at the same time, provides more comfortability.

Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama is carefully designed from 100% nylon, which guarantees high elasticity and resilience. It ensures comfort by wicking all the moisture from the body and keeping it dry. Apart from high-quality fabric, the shirt has a lot more to offer anglers, including two handy chest pockets with velcro closure.

The shirt also has integrated roll-up sleeves that enable the air to rush through the skin. Meanwhile, its OMNI shade absorbs UV yarn and keeps the skin safe from sun radiation. They work just fine even in wet conditions, so anglers won’t have to bother about getting it soaked.

They provide anglers more freedom with enough space to cast the line perfectly without coming under stress. They are available in perfect sizes to ensure that the fabric doesn’t rub against the skin and cause rashes or irritation.

With the mesh line cap vents, PFG Bahama doesn’t bog down the sweat like other shirts. It instead ensures that the shirt is cool and aromatic without any stain. The hidden vent on the shoulder does it works as well by providing extra breathability.

Even with the minimalistic design, they look pretty sophisticated and of great taste. Since they come with fit tailoring, people don’t have to spend extra bucks to fix it. Moreover, they look so stylish and formal that you can use them on various occasions like sporting, professional, or casual.


  • Ultra-comfy and breathable
  • Durable and attractive
  • Fade-resistant fabric with long or short sleeve
  • Blocks UV rays to prevent sunburn
  • Full range of movement


  • Stains after multiple uses
  • Pocket flaps or collar turns upward

Why do we recommend Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama II long sleeve shirts?

There’s no question that Columbia Men’s PFG is one of the best-selling long sleeve shirts in the market. It ticks all the boxes for a comfortable and relaxing long sleeve shirt that works perfectly for any fishing activity.

These shirts have mesh-lined back vents to let in the cool breeze in hot and humid weather. Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama II also manages the moisture by spreading it on a dry area, keeping it non-sticky and non-stinky.

Its Omni shade technology gives Columbia an incredible UP 30+ level sun protection. It blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays to avoid skin damaging or aging before time. As expected, the Men’s PFG Bahama II Long-Sleeve Shirt is highly breathable, fast-drying, and lightweight.

It comes in impressive big fits that anglers of all sizes can wear and find themselves being comfortable. It can be worn under a fleece or sweater in winter or removed during the blazing hot summer. Columbia Men’s PFG shirts are easily washed and dried without leaving any stain or wrinkle.

When some shirts don’t even have a single pocket, these shirts come with so many of them that you can store all kinds of things that are compact. Although these shirts don’t hug the body, they provide freedom of movement to anglers and help land a giant fish.

3. Palmyth Fishing Shirt

Key Features:

  • Double Header Vented
  • Hidden Sunglasses Chamois
  • Built-in thump loops
  • Zippered pocket
  • UPF 50+ fabric

Palmyth Fishing Shirt

Product Details

A Long sleeve Palmyth fishing shirt is truly the one that resonates with anglers and responds to their concern about what to wear on fishing. They are the go-to gear for anglers to wear on any day on the water or even on the most summery day.

One of the reasons why it’s trusted by so many pro anglers is MythCool 4-way stretch fabric that wicks moisture and protects the skin from UVB rays. They are also drawn by the fully stretchable materials that provide greater freedom of movement and comfortability.

Its UPF 50+ sun protection fabric does a terrific job in preventing harmful rays from reaching the skin and minimizes exposure risk. As with more breathability, Palmyth manages to get rid of the malodor and sweat stains.

Palmyth’s shirt has been designed with thumb loops that fasten, count the sleeves in place, and allow to cast the line more accurately from any angle. On top of that, it has a hidden microfiber cloth that allows the angler to wipe the lens of the glasses as it gets fuzzy from the water.

It’s extremely smart of Palmyth to combine the moisture-wicking system with a doubleheader vented design for eliminating the sweat from non-drier areas. That’s because the exterior of the shirt is capable of evaporating the moisture more efficiently and faster.

Not to mention, they are multipurpose fishing shirts that can be applied for everyday use, including kayak fishing, lure fishing, and fly fishing. They work great on both saltwater, freshwater, inshore-outshore without getting the fabric torn or get a strain.


  • Comfy and cool
  • Light and well-built
  • Good quality fabric
  • Built-in glasses cleaning patch
  • Roll-up sleeves stay up and intact


  • Large unfit sizes

Why do we recommend Palmyth Fishing Shirt?

Palmyth fishing short has been garnering a lot of attention over the years for its high performance, durability, and intricate construction. They are the perfect blend of style, comfort, versatility, breathable fabrics, and performance.

Even after using it from dawn till dusk, the shirt doesn’t stink and keeps you as fresh as in the light of morning. With an articulated cuff design at the sleeves of the shirt, Palmyth also provides extra sun protection.

Other than fishing, you can also put Palmyth to work for kayak fishing, rowing, paddle boarding, and many more. It’s available in three different colors and five designs on the back of the shirt, such as Americana trout, Mahi, Mayfly, and Sailfish.

With that, you get more options to choose from or wear the same brand shirt on different occasions. It provides increased breathability by letting the air circulate to get rid of the sweaty smell. They wash brilliantly without getting any creases on the shirt.

Not many anglers realize it at first sight, but HUK Men’s Icon X Long-Sleeve shirt also has a hidden pocket of 7.8” X 6.7” that allows the angler to save their personal items. With that, it prevents them from dropping items like cell phones, credit cards, and keys into the water and saving them plenty of money.

4. HUK Men’s Icon X Long-Sleeve Shirt

Key Features

  • Sunblocking +30 UPF materials
  • Pull-on closure
  • 100 percent Polyester

HUK Men's Icon X Long-Sleeve Shirt

About the Product

Huk Men’s Icon X Long-Sleeve Shirt is a technically engineered modern outwear that looks craftily simple but has well-thought details that make it a favorite of anglers. It’s made of a silky smooth double pony polyester which offers maximum flexibility.

These shirts strike a perfect balance between class and comfort with high-quality fabric and solid stitches. The slim-fit design of the HUK makes the user look attractive and stylish even on a casual day on the sea.

Its long-lasting poly knot construction disperses the moisture on a large surface area that causes it to dry out in no time. The synthetic fiber used by HUK contains a hydrophobic coating that simply rolls the sweat to drier areas far from the skin. Aside from that, it lets the air pass through the shirt to keep the angler’s cool and avoid the foul smell.

It features UPF 30+ to protect your skin from UV radiation and prevent any skin-related problems. The long sleeves with the extended back of HUK provide extra safety and impede getting your skin from suntan.

On top of that, they are treated to avoid the stain from sticking to the garment. This eventually allows anglers to play more freely in the water without damaging the shirt or having it stink. This shirt helps you stay cool, dry, sweat, and sunburn free all-day long.


  • True to size
  • Incredibly comfortable and lightweight
  • Accurate sizing chart
  • Great color and design


  • Sleeves are a bit short

Why do we recommend HUK Men’s Icon X Long-Sleeve Shirt?

If you’re looking for a long-sleeve shirt that integrates well on any fishing, then count on HUK men’s Icon X. It’s elegant and naturally bright with soft fabric that slips when touched. The shirt is extremely comfortable to wear while out there fishing on a balmy day.

They may look plain and simple but the HUK shirts are incredibly subtle, quick-drying, and light. It’s built to last years of use and provides a higher value for the money. The shirts are made with a synthetic polymer, which is known for having greater durability, elasticity, and resistivity.

These synthetic materials are so breathable that the shirt still remains wrinkle-free no matter the duration of its use. Its ability to draw the moisture away from the shirt makes it look clean and dry all the time. Huk Men’s Icon X consists of UPF 50+, which provides unrivaled sun protection and comfort.

Icon X from Huk Men also does a fantastic job when it comes to wicking moisture and keeping the anglers dry when they sweat. It also repels stain by creating a barrier that prevents damage caused by liquid and doesn’t let the fiber absorb the stain.

No worries if it even got the taint as the shirt is easy to wash out, whether hand or machine. The large Huk is slightly loose-fitting, so don’t purchase it unless you want an oversized shirt. What’s most unique and exciting about this shirt is its thumb holes, which prevent the shirt’s cuff from riding up the arm and allows the casts the line according to convenience.

These latest stylish shirts from Palmyth have a zipper closure, which secures the sealing and doesn’t let the cold air get through. It also speeds up the process by enabling one to zip up the shirt instead of fumbling with buttons.

5. Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts

Key Features

  • Fast-drying and breathable
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Long raglan sleeves for a wide range of motion

Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts

About the Product

The Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts are one of the best in the biz when it comes to quality, performance, and durability. They’re naturally hard-wearing with an ergonomic design that suits any adventure sport on the water. It’s made with an ultra-soft fabric for greater comfort and enhanced wear life so that anglers can wear it every single day at sea.

These shirts are smooth and tough with a polyester base layer that has good flexibility and resistance. Despite the long sleeves, they are highly breathable and comfortable slipping in it even in the sunlight. They’re also made with a tag-free collar and flat-lock seams to eliminate chafing and improve the durability of the garment.

Unlike most brands, Roadbox has used moisture-absorbing material in its shirt that soaks up the sweat from the body and keeps it dry, cool, and comfy. Their long-sleeve protect anglers’ from UV rays during days while keeps them warm on cold nights.

That’s not all, it also offers a full range motion to both arms, making it easier to flex. Its slim design with a relaxed fit provides angler more maneuverability in sports. Knitted with an interlock jersey, Roadbox keeps the moisture away and dry incredibly fast.


  • Excellent fit with color options
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Light and breathable
  • Easy maintenance


  • A strong odor of polyester

Why do we recommend Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts?

The Roadbox UPF 50+ is undoubtedly the top-tier fishing shirt that stands out both in sustainability and convenience. They are super comfortable wearing and doing a variety of activities. Roadbox’s shirts are designed to perfection and with skin-friendly fabrics that make them so impressive.

These shirts have a soft easy-care material, which doesn’t wrinkle or frail, even after several washes. With the high breathability and moisture resistant materials, they make anglers feel like being provided an air conditioning system.

Moreover, they are of a good fit with an accurate size that no anglers will ever land too tight or baggy wear. Roadbox’s shirts are enough elastic for anglers to stretch their arms or upper body without ripping them off.

The Roadbox features UPF 50+ protection from the sun that prevents health risks. It blocks the harmful rays from reaching the skin and causing irritation or skin allergies. Besides that, the shirt has double-needle stitching on the bottom, sleeves, and neck for extra durability.

They look effortlessly chic to run errands or hit the gym. Anglers can also use it for any water adventures including swimming, climbing, bike riding, hiking, jogging, and other workouts. Shirts from Roadbox are highly stain-resistant that they can be hand-washed or cleaned in the machine.

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