Bream Fish In Georgia

Bream fishes are all the craze now. With their delicious taste and amazing looks, these fishes are not only easy and fun to catch, but they are also one of the reasons why people go fishing in the first place.

For many people worldwide, fishing is a hobby and a way of life. Enjoyed by people of all age groups, this experience is therapeutic and a way to bond with friends and family. So, it is loved by people, anglers, and fishermen globally.

So, fishing and bream fishes often go hand in hand. We must talk about bream fish by mentioning bream fish Georgia. The Southern state of Georgia is extremely famous for its bream fish.

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What is a bream fish?

What is bream fish?

We hate when a question is answered with another question. But we have to just do this one time. Do you know the popular carp family? Well, a carp is a specific family of fish. Why is this important, you ask? Because brim fishes belong to the carp family.

Although bream fish are popular worldwide, Europeans consume this delicious food a lot. Well, why not? It is scrumptious. So, if you are considering visiting Europe soon, expect to eat many bream fishes. They are also game fish because they are usually fished for eating globally.

Bream fish in Georgia is an interesting topic, but what is the need without discussing the probable places where you can find it? You see, you can find bream fish in slow-flowing rivers and lakes. So, the next time you see a beautiful slow river in Georgia, remember that it might be filled with bream fishes.

Like humans who prefer having a set community, a bream fish also likes to live in a group. Or should we say that a bream fish likes to live in a school? This piece of information is very important because while you are participating in fishing a bream fish in Georgia, expect them to be in a group rather than alone.

Talking about a bream fish diet, they usually feed on aquatic species. These aquatic species are mainly carnivores and like to feed on worms, mollusks, and other small animals. So, using a fat and juicy worm as bait to catch your next bream fish is probably a good idea. Remembering this fact next time you go fishing, bream fish in Georgia is a good idea.

How to identify a bream fish?

What is the best time to fish for bream fish in Georgia

To identify a bream fish properly, let us discuss a bream fish’s physical attributes. They are deep-bodied and have relatively small heads than their body. Also, their sides are flat.

One of their most contrasting features is that they have a silver back with a blueish or brownish spot. They are also smaller fish with a length of 12 to 20 inches or around 30 to 50 centimeters. Also, they usually weigh only 13 pounds or around 6 kilograms.

In addition, silver breams are some common types of bream fishes. Also other common types of bream fishes are golden shiners, minnows, and sea breams.

What is the best time to fish for bream fish in Georgia?

How to identify a bream fish

Summers are not only loved by humans, but they are equally popular in an aquatic setting too. And they are immensely loved by bream fishes equally. So, you might guess the best time to fish for bream fish in Georgia. Hint: It is the first word of this paragraph.

If you guessed summer, then you are right. The stunning bream fish love the summers. Fishermen, especially in Georgia, recognize May and June as the months of catching bream fish in a frenzy.

Do you know what we love during the amazing Georgian summer? Watching a beautiful bobber and tossing a spinner to a designated bream bed. We are sure that these sights are loved by us and people worldwide despite age and nationality.

Fishing for a bream fish in Georgia during May and June isn’t only perfect for heating your grill during a friend’s party. But it also can be a great first step for your children to battle in bream fishing.

Where to fish bream fish in Georgia?

After knowing what a bream fish looks like and the perfect time of the year to fish for these beautiful fishes, our new topic of concern is where you can actually fish a bream fish in Georgia.

Because although Georgia is filled with a variety of bream fishes almost everywhere, knowing the perfect place to fish for it is always a good idea, isn’t it? So, to make things easier for you, we have classified the places where you can fish for bream fish. Also, remember to choose the right place for you, your friends, and your family so that the next time you go bream fishing in Georgia, you have an amazing time.

The Northwestern Georgia

Do you know what is famous other than a gorgeous bream fish in Georgia? The Northwestern region of Georgia. Many biologists worldwide, including the famous Jim Hakal, recommend two places for finding bream fish in Georgia. These places are the James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park Lakes and the Rocky Mountain PFA.

James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park Lakes

James H Sloppy Floyd State Park Lakes

There are a total of two very beautiful lakes in the James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park Lakes, proudly home to numerous bream fishes. Here, you can catch beautiful bream fish in April, May, and June. The lakes in this region have a variety of shallow and deep.

You can easily see and locate a bream fish in a shallow lake. Swimming and enjoying the time of their lives. However, in a deep lake, you cannot see a bream fish on the surface level but can expect them to be four to eight feet underwater.

Anglers suggest using a boat while fishing for bream fish in the James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park Lakes. Also, try to use a cricket rig mounted on a drop-shot for maximum success. You need to slowly drag your cricket under the water and make it move around slowly at the bottom of the lake. And if you are in luck and strike a school of bream fishes at the bottom, we promise you that one of them will bite the cricket. Making you a legend among your other fishing friends.

Rocky Mountain PFA

Rocky Mountain PFA

When you take a walk around the beautiful area of the Rocky Mountain PFA, you will be mesmerized to see three lakes. And can you guess the land mass these three lakes occupy? It is a mind-boggling 559 acres or around 2.26219 square kilometers. That is a lot of water!

Georgia is an amazing state for fishermen, and we don’t claim this sentence in vain. We claim this sentence because the state of Georgia is known to put fish-fertilizing chemicals in its lakes. And why is that good news to us, you might ask?

It is because the higher the fertility of the lakes, the higher the chances of you catching one. So, expect many bream fish in the stunning Rocky Mountain PFA area.

The Rocky Mountain PFA is known to have a lot of fish feeders, especially during the summer season. So, the more fishes feed, the higher their chance of survival; you guessed it, you can catch one easily. Isn’t that great?

Also, remember that bream fishes will be busy spawning during April, May, and June. And among those bream fishes, a type of bream fish commonly known as a redear sunfish will rest and retreat at the end of April, while bluegill, another type of bream fish, will retreat from May and will do so all summer.

The Northeastern Georgia

After touring the northwestern side of Georgia, let us dabble into the world of the gorgeous northeastern side of Georgia. And we promise not to disappoint you. Also, bear in mind that these sites are tried and tested.

Marbury Lake

Marbury Lake

If you love strolling around reservoirs, you will love the stunning lake of them all, Marbury Lake. With an area of 260 acres or around 1.05218 square kilometers, this lake boasts still and clear water and a well-protected shoreline. All these conditions are idle for festering an impressive bream fish population.

Walking along this beautiful river’s shoreline, you will find lots of downed trees, sand, and rocks. Also, the lake is filled with idle vegetation to encourage the population of bream fish in Georgia.

Unlike that of the northwestern part of Georgia, where you used cricket as your bait, in Marbury Lake, you can use worms, bread, mealworms, and crickets as bait. Talking about hooks, you can use either a bobber or a J-shaped hook.

Also, you will find the main type of bream fish here are the ripraps and the blowdowns. So, targeting them would be safe bait. But let us say you want to catch a big bream fish, then try to fish deeper into the lake. Finally, there is also the facility of renting a watercraft if you need to roam around the place.

Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson

The next stop in our bream fish in Georgia journey is the gorgeous Lake Jackson. This stunning lake is located at a famous fall known as the Tallulah Falls, and it covers an area of 597 acres of 2.41597 square kilometers. It also boasts a huge shoreline that extends up to 18 miles or 28.9682 kilometers.

The Georgia Power Company owns this lake, and the water here comes from the Chattooga and Tallulah Rivers. You can enjoy boating and indulge yourselves in some bream fishing too. Also, there is little development surrounding this lake, so it has an unbeatable primal charm. The lake is only 271.7292 meters or 891.5 feet above sea level, so there is no need to worry about altitude sickness.

The common type of bream fishes that you will find in this lake are the redbreasts and the bluegills. Their sizes are around 6 inches and they weigh only a quarter pounds. You will find these fishes on the upper part of the lake near the stream outlets and downed trees.

Use a cricket or a spinner as bait to catch bluegills and redbreasts.

Along the South Carolina boat camp, you may find some 3 pounds of redear sunfish, which you can fish as a trophy.

Clark Hill

Clark Hill is huge. It has an area of 70,000 acres or 283.27995 square kilometers. That is a huge big place. Here you can fish from late April until summer ends. And this place is especially famous for fishing shell crackers.

Try fishing at the northwestern part of Clark Hill Lake, and you will be amazed to see an abundance of bream fishes. If you ever wonder where all the bream fish in Georgia are, look no further than Clark Hill. Also, fishing near the shallow banks of the lake may be a hub for bluegills. Check out our article on bluegill to know more about the

The Central Georgia

Okay, if you love central Georgia and like to fish around not such a common fishing season like August, then definitely give the central bit a try. There are two main places you can fish: Lake Jackson and the Savannah River.

Lake Jackson

The size of Lake Jackson may be insignificant at first. It might appear smaller than other lakes that are present in the whole Georgian state. However, this lake is bigger than the lakes mentioned above.

The total area of this lake is a staggering 4750 acres or around 19.22257 square kilometers. Woah! With a size that big, the chances of catching some delicious bream fish are also high. So, to bream fish in Georgia, you might consider traveling to the middle region of it.

Lake Jackson is situated between three different counties. They are Jasper, Newton, and Butts counties. This lake is especially important if you want to fish for delicious shell crackers. In addition, Lake Jackson is also one of the oldest reservoirs in Georgia and has large blowdowns, docks, and riprap.

If you wish to fish for bluegills, your best bet would be to fish in the small coves in the lake’s Northern section. This area is near the Alcovy River. Also, bluegills love this region because it has huge blowdowns, many seawalls, and stunning stained water. You can find bluegills only one to five feet underwater along the lake’s bank, and as bait, use crickets, small jigs, or worms.

If you wish to catch some shell crackers, look for the back side of the coves. Rocky Creek, a small river from the Alcovy River, especially dominates many shell crackers.

Savannah River

Savannah River Bream Fishing

The Savannah River lies near the beautiful Augusta Canal. There are many places in this river where you can successfully catch a bream fish in Georgia, but going upstream of the Stevens Creek Dam and the South Carolina side is preferred.

The South Carolina side is chosen to fish for bream fishes who like to thrive in shallow water, while the Stevens Creek Dam boasts a deeper water area with lots of aquatic vegetation.

You can find both bluegills and shell crackers in the Savannah River. Did you know the South Carolina record of catching a trophy bream fish weighing 5 pounds was in the Savannah River? Yes, your chances of catching a trophy fish are even higher in this river.

Here you can get away by fishing with beetle-spins or small red wigglers near the shoreline where the aquatic vegetation and the stumps are most probable.

A pro tip: Go fishing on a full moon night in June while fishing for a bream fish.

Concluding our bream fish in Georgia journey

So, here is all the information you will need while fishing for a bream fish in Georgia. Remember that when looking for a bigger bream fish, look for them at the deeper end of the water from 6 to 15 feet. Always use appropriate bait like red worms and crickets while fishing.

With this, we have arrived at the end of our article. Happy fishing for bream fish in Georgia!

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