Georgia Turkey Season

Hunting is an art form that requires a lot of patience to do so. You must be alert and on top of your game wherever you go hunting. This is true, especially when hunting game species like a gorgeous Turkey.

Turkey is an immensely popular hunting species. With its colorful coat and impressive size, many worldwide dreams of making this species their own. Also, if you are one of the many individuals who want to hunt Turkey, then Georgia, a Southern state of the United States of America, is your place to go.

Georgia is the twenty-fourth biggest state in the United States and is the eighth most populous state. Also, this state has a wide variety of flora, fauna, and landscape. It is home to the larger part of the Appalachian Mountain system and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Finally, it has a humid subtropical climate perfect for harvesting Turkeys.

So, are you interested in allowing the old Georgia to participate in the Georgia Turkey Season? Because the 2023 Georgia Turkey Season is going on now!

If yes, read through this article, as we will give you all the information you might need to plan your next Georgia Turkey Season hunting.

Georgia Turkey Season: The Best Time

Georgia Turkey Season: The Best Time
Turkey season ends statewide on May 15, 2023, Supplied photo – Lanier Clegg

Although a hunter’s heart might argue to hunt a glorious Turkey in any season, this might not be particularly true. Every hunt in this world is regulated and protected; thus, the best time for hunting is the Georgia Turkey Season. You must follow it if you want to hunt the best Turkey the state of Georgia has to offer. And if you don’t, there might be some serious consequences.

The best season for hunting a beautiful Turkey is the spring season. During spring, the male turkey or the male gobbles tend to attract females. So, whenever you hunt them during spring, you can attract the male gobbles by mimicking the sound of the female gobbles. And once the male gobbles come out in your point of hunting, you can get a clear shot of it and shoot your best shot.

Depending on the state and their conservation method, some might have a different route of opening their Turkey Hunting Season. But usually, most agencies in the United States of America extend their turkey hunting time after the turkey’s mating season starts.

Did you know that the fittest turkeys are the ones that mate first? So, if you want to score a fat juicy turkey for your meal, reach Georgia’s hunting realms as soon as the hunting window opens.

After a successful mating ritual, the female turkey lays her eggs in solitude. She likes her peace while doing so. Then as these new turkey chicks grow up quietly, hunters will go to the woods in search of the current season’s turkey. A female turkey or a hen lays around twelve eggs. Laying one egg every day. However, the incubation of the eggs starts after the hen lays all eggs and lasts for twenty-eight days.

The new generation of turkeys will be ready after two years. The lifespan of a turkey is three to five years. However, it may live well beyond those years too.

Georgia Turkey Season: The Start Date

Spring seasons arrive early in the Southern state of the United States of America. Scientists attest that the spring season in the hotter states of America, like Georgia, begins as early as February.

The Georgia Turkey Season starts at two different times depending upon the land of the hunt. On private lands owned by private enterprises or individuals, the Georgia Turkey Season began on a Saturday, April 1, 2023.

However, the start date for public or state-owned lands such as WMAs, VPAs, and National Forests was Saturday, April 8, 2023. A week after, the hunting season started for the privately owned lands.

Georgia Turkey Season: The End Date

All good things must end; the same goes for the great Georgia Turkey Season. Since you are most likely to catch a male turkey during the spring season, it is obvious that as the spring season ends, so does the great art of hunting it.

The Georgia Turkey Season lasts only one month and fifteen days. Therefore, this season’s end date is May 15, 2023. The end date and the start date were both set by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division.

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Georgia Turkey Season: Things To Have

Georgia Turkey Season Things To Have

One should know several crucial things before your 2023 or other years’ Georgia Turkey Season. From the license and permits you must own to the legal age of hunting, which is a restrictive and arduous task, hunting requires many requirements.

Hunter Education

If you are a lucky individual born before January 1, 1961, skip this part. Your age has given you the advantage of not attending a hunter education class. However, if you were born on January 1, 1961, or after that, go to school and get your hunter education. Because if not, you will not be eligible to get permission for your turkey hunting adventure.

Hunter Education becomes even more important if you want a hunting license. But there is also a piece of good news. You do not need a hunting license if you are a beginner just starting your hunting journey.

You can get an Apprentice or short-term License without proper hunting knowledge. But if you are on an advanced or intermediate level, you must purchase a hunting license. Also, the law doesn’t require hunting licenses if you are hunting on your private land or the private land of your community members that have permitted you to pursue it.

Finally, hunting licenses aren’t required if you are hunting pen-raised game birds such as doves, waterfowls, or even turkeys on a licensed shooting preserve. But you need a hunter’s education if you want a turkey out in the wild.

For hunting education, you can join any training classes or workshops whenever you have time.

Hunting License

Like driving, hunting is a risky business. So it requires a license. The same goes for the Georgia Turkey Season; you need a hunting license. However, the license requirement differs according to your age and place of residency.

Although not proven, the Government of Georgia may require you to have a current Georgia hunting license. You might have to possess the current Georgia hunting license while hunting in Georgia. The requirements for getting the permit also vary.

To purchase the Georgia hunting license, you can either fill out an online form, go to various license stations in Georgia or do it by phone.

Did you know that with every purchase of a Georgia hunting license, part of it goes to the conservation of Georgia’s outdoor resources?

Types of License

Sportsman's License and Youth Sportsman's License

Big Game License

You will require a Big Game License to hunt a turkey. You need basic hunting privileges to get the Big Game License.

You can get the Big Game license annually or in the short term. If you are a resident of Georgia, then the Big Game license will cost you USD 25, but if you are a non-resident, it will cost you USD 225.

Sportsman’s License and Youth Sportsman’s License

If you are a resident of Georgia, then you can get a Sportsman’s License or the Youth Sportsman’s License, depending on your age. Your age must be from 16 to 60 years old, and you must present proof of residency if you wish to obtain this license. Sportsman’s license will cost you USD 60 annually or USD 25 for one day, with USD 3 extra for each day added.

You will need a Youth Sportsman’s License if you are fifteen or under. But you will need an adult to supervise you during your hunt if you are under sixteen. Also, you must complete Your hunter education.

Combo Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Did you know that combo fishing and hunting licenses are less than USD 30 per year?

Yes, you heard it right this combo license costs you only USD 5 per day, and USD 1 for any extra day you add.

However, if you want a combo fishing and hunting license for turkey, you will require a Big Game License plus a free Harvest Record if you are from the Northern zone only.

Apprentice Combo Hunting and Fishing License

If you do not have a hunter education but wish to hunt, you can get an Apprentice Combo Hunting and Fishing License for USD 5 for one day and USD 1 for additional days. Also, you can get this license for ten days if you want. It would help if you had a mentor, but they do not need to be licensed either.

Non-Resident Hunter’s License

If you aren’t from Georgia, you can still get a hunter’s license if you are 16 to 60. Hunter’s license will provide you with basic hunting privileges. You will also need a free Harvest Record for hunting turkey. If you are under fifteen, you do not need a Big Game License, but if you are over, you need both a Big Game License and a free Harvest Record. Hunter’s license will cost you USD 15 for Georgia residents and USD 100 for non-residents.

Lifetime Sportsman’s License

Finally, you can get a Lifetime Sportsman’s License if you are under 65. These licenses cannot be purchased online or through agents. You must fill out an application and mail it to achieve the permit. Also, Georgia lifetime licenses are valid even if you move states. They are full-privilege sportsman’s licenses with added all-state-paid recreational hunting and fishing privileges.

Senior Lifetime Sportsman’s License

If you are over 65, then you can get the Senior Lifetime Sportsman’s license which you can get online or from license agents. If you are born before or on July 1, 1952, then you can get any license for free, but if you are born after then, you need to pay around USD 35 to USD 70.

Free Harvest Record

You need a free harvest record for hunting big games like turkey, but this is only for the Northern zone. You need a free harvest record to hunt, even with a full-privilege license.

A harvest record is only valid for one single Georgia Turkey Season. Each hunting season, hunters must purchase a new Harvest record and document their kill on paper or electronically before transferring the carcass.

Hunting Gears And Tools

Turkey Hunting Gears And Tools Georgia

While going for a turkey hunt, you need several gears and tools. The same goes for the Georgia Hunting Season too. It would be best if you prepared to hunt properly.

Gears and tools may require anything from a good shotgun to a hunting knife. You will also need a proper camo to hide so the turkeys cannot see you. Turkeys are famous worldwide for their excellent eyesight, so it is not shocking if they can discover you easily. And if they can see you, then they will run. So to combat that, wear a proper disguise. So wearing military-grade camouflage will help you immensely.

Georgia is a hot state; the last thing you want is to be hot and itchy while hunting. Invest in comfortable, breathable, high-quality clothing to go on a hunt. You will be surprised to know that Turkeys can see their hunters blink. So, invest in good headgear that completely hides you. Also, purchase a good breathable face mask that keeps you hidden but is easy to use.

Finally, buy an insulated pair of thin gloves that is sturdy for maximum movement but isn’t visible properly. Also, purchasing a good shirt, pants, and jacket for the hunt while keeping in mind the weather is a must. Layering will be your best friend in the spring season of the Georgia Turkey Season as you can easily layer your clothes for the chilly mornings and evenings and open them for the afternoons.

Make sure that the clothes are lightweight and waterproof. Hunting boots are also a necessity. Find boots with the support you need and are comfortable to wear on an all-day hunt. Turkeys show early in the spring mornings or during a light shower, so a boot with good insulation and waterproof technology will be helpful.

Lastly, you will need a turkey decoy and call. You must make several sounds resembling female turkeys to attract the male turkeys out into the clearing. For this, you can use one or two handy mouth calls. A Turkey decoy will also help you distract your turkey while you aim at it.

Georgia Turkey Season: Things To Know

Number of Turkeys and Its Harvest

Georgia Turkey Season Things To Know Number of Turkeys and Its Harvest

New data are yet to come, but we can estimate the number of turkeys and their harvest number from old data. 2021 saw an above-average statewide reproduction of turkeys. However, the reproduction of these beauties is less than what it used to be in the mid-1990s. It is satisfactory. The number of chicks per hen has been rising since 2011.

Every region of Georgia has an average production of turkey. Getting a turkey to hunt is fine for you. But the Coastal Plain regions in the southern half of the state produce an average number of turkeys, where the number of poults per hen is two as of 2021. Also, this state’s Blue Ridge, Ridge & Valley, and Piedmont regions had a low count of turkey production, and its number is increasing yearly. The average number of poults per hen may even be three.

We need to find out the total number of turkeys found during the Georgia Turkey Season and their availability for hunting because there needs to be a proper study or statistics behind it. However, the number of hunters in the 2021 Georgia Turkey Season was 54,509, and the total number of turkeys harvested was 18,192.

Bag Limit

Although you might wish to hunt these stunning creatures in an infinite amount, there is a limit to it. People call it the bag limit. The bag limit states the number of turkeys you can hunt, which can be per person, per area, or per season.

One hunter can bag only two turkeys in one Georgia Turkey Season that starts from April 1, 2023, or April 9, 2023, to May 15, 2023. Daily you can hunt only one gobbler. You can hunt one turkey per area in Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and outside National Park areas.


Hunters all over love the Georgia Turkey Season. If you are a hunter regularly or occasionally, you will greatly enjoy this season. But remember to follow the rules while hunting and have lots of fun.

Finally, each season, all turkey hunters must obtain a free harvest record, including those under the age of 16, landowners, honorary, lifelong, and sportsmen license holders. Hunters must immediately put the date and county on the turkey harvest record before relocating the bird, and they have 24 hours to finish the Georgia Game Check reporting process.

Residents who are under 16 and hunt are exempt from license requirements. Unless they are hunting on their own private land, hunters 16 years of age or older (including those escorting youth or others) must have a hunting license and a large game license.

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