KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel

Product Details:

Product Name: KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel

Brand: KastKing

Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Hand Orientation: Right Hand

Handle Material: Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: kastKing

Bearing Material: Stainless Steel

KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel

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Key Features:

  • Carbon Frame/Side Cover
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Fingertip Star Drag
  • Precision Machined Gears
  • Ultra-High-Speed Bearings
  • Micro-Click Tension Knob
  • Aluminum alloy drive gear
  • Solid Brass pinion gear
  • Comfortable EVA Handles

KastKing BFS Baitcasting Reel Product Review:

The new KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel was created from the ground up for anglers wanting to expand an accurate, BFS casting reel to everyone’s arsenal of fishing tackle.

This ultra-lightweight reel weighs only 9 grams. Moreover, the Ultralight KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel’s spool is designed to outperform every standard casting reel with a very light fishing line and immensely light baits.

It is also made of strong solid aluminum for maximum durability. Also, it spins freely at high speeds on Double Shielded SS ball bearings with only little effort.

Some of the great features of this reel are:

Palm Perfect Frame design

The Ultralight

KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel Finesse casting reel has a small and unique palm-sized frame that is ideal for finesse-style fishing.

Furthermore, The entire frame along with side covers are made of ultralight carbon fiber, and the reel only weighs 160 grams/5.6 ounces. This baitcaster is ideal for bait finesse applications due to its lightweight, small palmable size, and extreme strength.

Outstanding Components

The spool braking on the Zephyr BFS is provided by eight magnets, with ten levels of adjustment for a large variety of bait sizes as well as fishing conditions.

Moreover, Six high-speed, as well as double-shielded stainless-steel ball bearings also provide exceptional smoothness and high line speeds. And for solid hooksets, the infinite anti-reverse bearing is included.

The hardened aluminum alloy drive gear highly reduces total weight. And the high-strength brass pinion gear ensures long-lasting performance.

Professional Performance features

The Ultralight KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel comes with a gear ratio of 7:2:1 for high speed. With every turn of the handle, the gear ratio picks 29.8’’ of line.

Moreover, The smooth, and indeed powerful drag system is made of four carbon fiber drag washers. Due to this, it provides 10 lbs/4.5kg of dependable drag

Furthermore, The shallow Bait Finesse aluminum spool is built for a lower capacity of lightweight BFS lines. Also, it allows casting easily for extremely light baits. The reel has a Mono Capacity (Lbs/Yds) of 4lbs/75yds, 6lbs/65yds, 8lbs/50yds.


This new Ultralight KastKing Zephyr Fishing reel is an ideal reel for your finesse fishing needs.

Low profile comfort with a high-speed spool, an aluminum handle with comfortable EVA knobs, in addition to a precision audible click adjustable tension knob, and as well as a slew of other performance features make this reel the professional’s choice and perfect for Bait Finesse System fishing applications.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable EVA Knobs
  • Lightweight
  • Unique Design
  • High-Speed Bearings
  • Awesome Built Quality


  • Some buyers complained about its size

KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel

Our Verdict on KastKing Zephyr BFS Baitcasting Reel

Finally, I have to say that the Ultralight Kastking Zephyr BFS Fishing reel is one of my favorites till now. It will surely provide the users with a really good fishing experience. In fact, the reel provides a great experience for such a low price.

The reel comes with a nice fast line recovery. Also, the casting brakes will be more than strong enough for you. Similarly, the clickable adjustment of brakes, along with spool tension is accurate and beneficial. It also comes with carbon drag washers that operate well enough to avoid frustrating “grabby” sensations at the beginning. Apart from all these, the reel will offer you plenty of drag power.

Overall, the reel is a good buy. We highly recommend you to get one for yours. Before buying it, see what verified buyers are reviewing about it on Amazon.

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