Mississippi Turkey Season

If you think that turkeys are only for Thanksgiving, then think again. Because with the start of the Mississippi turkey season, the state of Mississippi has pushed your turkey-eating season a little earlier. So, are you ready for some juicy turkeys that will make your appetite happy and give your adrenaline a little push?

And if your answer is yes, then continue reading this article.

Did you know that this is the start of the Mississippi turkey season? The spring marks the season in which turkey hunting season opens. With the blossom of flora and fauna worldwide, the beautiful spring season is a treat for sore eyes. In addition, spring has also made its reputation of being an adventure fuel to many enthusiastic hunters.

Also, not only the spring season, the fall or the autumn season also has their date for Mississippi Turkey Season. Fall, when the leaves turn yellow and fall, and so does another round of the turkey hunting season, spring or fall, the excitement for hunting is the same for both beautiful seasons.

So, dive into this interesting article to learn about the Mississippi Turkey Season.

Mississippi Turkey Season: The Start

The Start of Mississippi Turkey Season

Starting any hunting season has its own set of rules. The starting date also differs for the autumn and spring season. Read along as we discover the starting dates for both gorgeous seasons.


Spring is a beautiful season, don’t you think so? With flowers blooming around us and birds excited to mate, spring is a milestone ready to be discovered. And this season also marks the start of Mississippi’s turkey season.

Mississippi turkey season started on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Therefore this glorious season has already begun. So, are you excited to hunt your next batch of glorious turkeys? Then Mississippi Turkey season is waiting for you.

However, if you are a young hunter who is fifteen years old or younger, then we have a piece of good news for you. Your Mississippi turkey season will start before other experienced hunters. You can start hunting from March 8, 2023.

Also, if you are not a resident of Mississippi, your Turkey season starts later. Specifically, March 15, 2023. Fifteen days later than the residents of Mississippi. The non-resident’s turkey season start date is only for public lands.


Even though, as of right now, we still need the starting date of the autumn season of 2023. We do have the starting date of the year 2022.

Also, no new changes are speculated in the Mississippi turkey season, so we believe the starting date for this year’s fall will be the same. The fall Mississippi turkey season started on October 15, 2022.

Mississippi Turkey Season: Probable Changes In The Start Date

Mississippi Turkey Season Probable Changes In The Start Date
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But hurry up because reporters at the Hucksburg Post speculate that Mississippi turkey season’s opening might open later than it does now. You see, Adam Butler, Turkey Program Director of Mississippi, has suggested shortening days of the turkey hunting season by two to eight days.

Many other American states, such as Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Louisiana, have all brought some kind of little changes in their spring turkey hunting season. According to Adam Butler, the spring Mississippi Turkey season’s opening date should be March 20 every year.

Opening the hunting season on March 20 follows the pre-2005 framework of the spring hunting season in Mississippi. Adam states that changing the dates does nothing because it takes hunters a long time to hunt any turkey in the first week since the birds need to be more cooperative or gobbling.

Also, he says that opening the spring Mississippi turkey season on March 20 clears any confusion regarding its opening date. Further, March 20 aligns with the spring breaks observed by many hunting youths making it easier to plan the hunting adventure. However, Butler’s decision takes little consideration for Turkey’s population.

However, his decision is still being determined and will only be decided by a committee meeting in April 2023.

Mississippi Turkey Season: The End

Mississippi Turkey Season The End

Now, look at the end dates of both Mississippi turkey hunting seasons.


Everything comes to an end. If we prolong any activity for a long time, the fun while doing it also evaporates. So, there is an end date to the Mississippi turkey season too.

The end date of Mississippi turkey season is Monday, May 15, 2023, for sixteen-year-old or older Mississippi resident hunters. However, the end date for young hunters who are fifteen or younger is March 14, 2023.

Further, the end of Mississippi turkey season for non-resident hunters is March 28, 2023. The non-resident’s turkey season end date is only for public lands.

So, if you are a Mississippi resident hunter aged sixteen or older, this exciting spring hunting season opens for two months. Also, the spring turkey season is one week if you are fifteen or younger. Finally, if you are a non-resident hunting on public land, Mississippi turkey season is only thirteen days.

However, the speculation about shortening it is hitting our ears at full speed. Therefore book your hunting date today!


The end date of the 2022 Mississippi fall turkey season was November 15, 2022. However, we still need to get this year’s end date. But we are sure the 2023 Mississippi fall turkey season’s end date will be similar to 2022.

Mississippi Turkey Season: The 2023 Hunting Season

Mississippi Turkey Season The 2023 Hunting Season

Okay, we admit that the population of Turkeys has been dwindling if we look at the past reports of the turkey population, especially in the southeastern states of the United States of America. The declining population has been a major concern to wildlife conservationists and hunters globally.

However, we have some good news. There are some places filled with turkeys in the beautiful state of Mississippi. That will be just perfect for your next spring turkey hunting endeavor.

Did you know that the great state of Mississippi had an outstanding hatch record of turkeys in 2022? The hatch was so good that it put Mississippi in the front runner of the turkey hunting season compared to other southeastern American states. Also, winter deer hunters claimed this information, saying they saw many turkeys during their deer hunting adventure.

There are many reasons which are decreasing the population of turkeys. But for Mississippi, the main culprit responsible for decreasing turkey population is the floods and hurricanes that have shaken up this state for a long time. However, compared to the past, it seems like the turkey population is catching up.

Hunting runs on probability and also your skill. The chances of you securing a big fat hunt also depend on luck. And like many other years and hunter’s experience, the chance of you hunting a beautiful turkey in the Mississippi turkey season might be easy, but it might also be tough.

However, securing a good gobbler to hunt also depends on where you hunt. If you choose a place that isn’t favorable to what a turkey usually prefers living at, the chances of you securing a hunt will be low. But if you choose a place with lush vegetation and places that have a mixture of vegetation, your turkey hunt will be very successful.

So, choose the right place and time to hunt for your beloved turkey. We are sure that you will be happy with your experience.

Mississippi Turkey Season: Report Your Harvest

Mississippi Turkey Season Report Your Harvest

To have a clear record of all the turkeys that have been hunted down or the population of turkeys owned by private individuals, both farmers and hunters must submit a harvesting report. After hunting a Turkey, hunters must report their kill by 10 PM.

Also, farmers must submit their latest turkey harvest report to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Game Check.

The harvest reporting can be done from an app, or they can even submit it on paper. Also, records of the harvest work too.

You can either go to mdwfp.com/gamecheck, use the MDWFP app, or call 1-800-237-6278 for further information and to know more about the report.

Mississippi Turkey Season: Bag Limits

Even though we might wish to take all the gobblers, it is impossible. You see, Mississippi has a bag limit for every turkey hunting season. The bag limit is there to have a controlled hunting season and give a fair chance to all the hunters.

Bag limits mean the number of turkeys you can bag or hunt. Seems like a slang term, doesn’t it? But trust us, it’s the official term.

Spring Bag Limits

As we discussed, the bag limits differ according to age groups, like the various start dates for Mississippi turkey seasons. If you are sixteen or older, you fall under the adult criteria. Your start date is March 15, 2023, and your bag limit is one adult turkey daily.

The adult turkey should have a beard six inches or longer. Did you know that female turkeys can also have a beard? Although rare female turkeys can have a beard, you won’t be fined if you hunt a bearded female turkey. Adult male turkeys have six inches of beard or longer from their upper chest, and a juvenile male turkey has a beard, but you cannot see it properly.

Also, since we continue discussing adult hunters, you can bag or hunt three adult male turkeys in one spring hunting season. So you can have three turkeys on your plate this spring season.

Let’s move on to our young hunters, age fifteen or younger; you can hunt one turkey per day and three in one spring season. However, for young hunters, you can hunt turkeys of any age.

Fall Bag Limits

The bag limits for the fall season are slightly different than that for the spring turkey season. For the whole fall season, you can bag only two turkeys. But the good news is that the sex of the turkeys you have bagged can be male or female.

Mississippi Turkey Season: Rules To Look Out For

Mississippi Turkey Season Rules To Look Out For

Rules are there for a reason. They help you be in control while being made by the officials for your safety. And Mississippi turkey season also comes with a few rules.

Rules: Youth Turkey Hunt

Youth turkey hunt is the official term given to hunters age fifteen or younger if they desire to hunt a turkey. They must follow some rules and guidelines to be eligible for their next big turkey hunt.

First, you must be younger than sixteen to fall under the youth turkey hunt criteria. You must have a legal and certified certificate of completing your hunter education. Mississippi State itself will approve your certificate.

Second, if you do not have a hunter education certificate but are younger than sixteen, you must be under the strict guidance of a licensed hunter at least twenty-one years old or older.

Third, if you are younger than twelve, then to hunt a turkey under the youth turkey hunt, you must be guided or under the strict supervision of a licensed hunter over 21.

Fourth, if you supervise a minor in their hunting endeavors, you must have a license under the Mississippi state. The license must be valid for the animal species or bird you are hunting.

Rules: Fall Mississippi Turkey Season

Some rules are set aside for the fall season of the Mississippi turkey season. The counties or even a portion of the counties set aside for the hunt, are in the North-Central Zone, Southwestern Zone, and Delta Zone. These counties or places must submit a hunting application, lease agreement, or property ownership paper to the Jackson Office or MDWFP regional office.

Also, a specific tag must be used during the fall season to mark the harvested turkey. MDWFP will provide one tag for every 500 acres or a part of the 500 acres. In addition, for harvesting, only the tag provided must be used.

Tags must be placed immediately after the hunt; you can only remove them if the process is complete.

The harvest report must be submitted as later as January 1. You will be denied being permitted in the next hunting season any later than that. Also, the hunting will only begin the following Saturday if the starting date falls on a Sunday.

Rules: Weapons

Mississippi Turkey Season Talking about the weapons, you can use crossbows, archery, or shotguns. But the shotgun must be size two or less. Also, people with quadriplegia can use a rifle for their hunt.

Rules: Non-Resident Hunters

If you are not part of the Mississippi State natural born or lived resident, you have a different set of rules. Do not worry. These rules are easy, and with a few steps, you will be eligible to hunt in any season.

Okay, first, you need to get a Public Land Endorsement. The good news about the Public Land Endorsement is that it is free of cost, but you have to get it by following a drawing process. The PLE should be obtained with other necessary licenses for your hunt. Further, PLE is required when hunting on public lands and will be useful from March 15 to March 28.

However, if you are a non-resident and lucky enough to get selected through drawings for individual wildlife management areas, you won’t have to get a PLE. Only your hunting licenses will suffice. Yay!

Also, if you wish to avoid getting the PLE, you can only hunt inside the Wildlife Management Areas or WMAs and only for the designated time frame the officials have drawn for you.

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Mississippi Turkey Season: Licenses And Permits

Licenses and permits are essential to any hunting adventure, and the same goes for the Mississippi turkey season.

If you are a resident of Mississippi and your age falls between sixteen to sixty-four, you will require a hunting license to hunt in public areas. However, you do not need a hunting license if you are hunting on private land.

Residents can get either of the two licenses to hunt in public areas. They can get an All Game Hunting / Freshwater Fishing license for only USD 25 or a Sportsman’s License for USD 45. Also, if you wish to hunt in a WMA, you need to get a permit of USD 15.

Additionally, you need a hunting license if you do not belong to Mississippi but are over sixteen. Minors under sixteen but non-residents do not need a hunting license. You can get an All Game Hunting license for USD 300. Also, you can get a 7-Day All Game Hunting license for USD 150 or a Spring Turkey Permit for USD 50.

Finally, to hunt inside WMA, an extra USD 30 needs to be paid.

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